Twedt Red Angus Annual Production Sale |

Twedt Red Angus Annual Production Sale

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Feb. 1, 2022

Location: Twedt Red Angus Ranch McHenry, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs


69 Red Angus Bull – $7,116

22 Bred Red Angus females – $4,068

51 Red Angus Commercial Open Heifers – $1,478

The roads was a little SLIPPERY Tuesday for the Twedt Red Angus Production Sale but that did not slow down the bidding for this outstanding set of Red Angus bulls and females.

Lot 3 at $19,000, STRA RELENTLESS 1135, Dob 2-24-2021, Reg 4495967, STRA Relentless x STRA Laura 970 sold to Barenthsen / Bullinger, Powers Lake, North Dakota.

Lot 2 at $18,000 STRA Driven 1158, Dob 3-8-2021, Reg 4495873, Bieber Driven C540 x STRA Primrose 8101, sold to Travis Schaffer, Pierre, South Dakota.

Lot 9 at 416,500, STRA SUPRREME 1147, DOB 3-1-2021, REG 4495851, CRUMP SUPREME 7813 X STRA MTX 8137, sold to Logan Harding McHenry, North Dakota.

Lot 18 at $13,000, STRA TOWNSHIP 1117 Dob 2-22-2021, Reg 4495991, Red U2 Township x STRA 9167 sold to DT Long Farm and Ranch, Bowdon, North Dakota.

Lot 8 at $12,500, STRA SUPREME 1160, Dob 3-9-2021, Reg 4495827, Crump Supreme 7813 x STRA Cherabel 7102, sold to Jason Otto, Grace City, North Dakota.

Lot 10 at $12,500, STRA GENERAL 1131, Dob 2-24-2021, Reg 4495871, STRA General 882 x STRA judge 8129, sold to David Remmick, Robinson, North Dakota.

Max and Haley Robison.
Rachael Oliver from The Red Angus Association.
Mackenzie, Jenny and Mike Kjelgaard.

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