Twedt Red Angus Annual Production Sale |

Twedt Red Angus Annual Production Sale

Keith and Jesse Tysdal Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Feb. 4, 2020

Location: at the Ranch McHenry, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs


57 Bulls – $5,087

31 Bred Heifers – $2,100

47 Open Commercial Heifers – $1,168

It was a beautiful February day for the Twedt Red Angus Annual Production Sale. The Twedt family offered a very nice set of bulls and females.

Lot 1 at $15,000, STRA Cinch 904, Dob 1-5-2019, Reg 4173608, Pie Cinch 4126 x NSFR MTX W14, sold to J Bar W Ranch Parkston, South Dakota

Lot 5 at $12,000, STRA Pioneer 944, Dob 2-20-2019, Ref 4173626, RREDS Pioneer 6904 x Bieber Laura 158W, sold to DT Long Farm Bowdon, North Dakota.

Lot 4 at $11,000, STRA Hard Drive 916, Dob 2-15-2019, Reg 4173566, Bieber Hard Drive Y120 x Bieber Primrose 107W, sold to Gerald Twedt, McHenry, North Dakota.

Lot 6 at $9,000, STRA Rolling Deep 995, Dob 2-24-2019, Reg 4173584, Bieber Rolling Deep Y118 x Larson Flo-Marie, sold to Larry and Carmen Svennigsen, Luverne, North Dakota.

High Selling Bred Heifers:

Lot 63 at $3,000, STRA Rose 8136, 3-14-2019, Reg 3955341, sold to Lucas Culter Lucas Veblen, South Dakota .

Lot 76 at $3,000, STRA Rose 8134, Dob 3-11-2019, Reg 3955273, sold to Tim Davis, Oklahoma.