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Valnes Ranch Red Angus and Performance Horses

Emit Valnes with Danny and Robin Miles, Conde, South Dakota.

Date: Apr. 13, 2015

Location: at the Emit Valnes Ranch, Eden, S.D.

Auctioneer: Kyle Shobe, Lewistown, Mont.

Reported by: Dan Piroutek


Red Angus bulls – $4,380

Red Angus heifers – $2,471

The Valnes Ranch is about 15 miles southeast of Sisseton, S.D., in the northeastern corner of the state, among many lakes. They raise high quality Red Angus cattle and performance horses.

It was a windy spring day, but the cattle were all penned on fresh straw on the east side of the barn, out of the wind. It was an impressive presentation of cherry red bulls in the bright sunshine. Inside the barn you found a delicious lunch and a well-designed catalog packed with information.

Part of the information included the indexes for Herd Builder and Grid Master, which have been tabulated by the Red Angus Association to predict an animal’s value if you save back heifers in your herd, or whether you market all of the animals.

The bulls are very feed efficient and easy fleshing, and have excellent dispositions. The Valnes family also selects for bulls that are sound on their feet to insure longevity.

The bulls were sold via video screens, but it was easy to walk through the bulls prior to the sale, making top selections for the genetics desired. The sale was broadcast on the internet by DVAuction.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 1, VRRA Stone Indeed B03, selling for $15,000, to Grant Appleton, Richland Springs, Tex. Sired by VRRA Indeed Z18, and out of a daughter of Haycow Limestone 403, this big bull had lots of eye appeal in his structure, and in his cherry red color. Born at 85 pounds, he weaned at 645 pounds and reached a yearling weight of 1266 pounds to ratio 107. His HerdBuilder (HB) score was 101, with a GridMaster (GM) score of 49. His EPDs included CED 1, BW 1.1, WW 55, YW 85, and MILK 13.

Grant Appleton also purchased Lot 5. He paid $7,250 for another son of VRRA Indeed Z18. Out of another daughter of Haycow Limestone 403, he was born at 98 pounds, weaned at 701 pounds, and grew to a yearling of 1,285 pounds to index 108. This long, super thick bull had EPDs of HB 100, GM 48, BW 4.3, WW 64, YW 93, MILK 18, MARB 0.34, and STAY 13.

Selling at $5,750, we found a new owner for Lot 18 with his purchase by Dustin Heitkamp, Wyndmere, N.D. This straight-topped bull was sired by Lazy J Lightning 1200-3002, and out of a good cow that was another daughter of Haycow Limestone 403. With an 82 pound birth weight, he weaned at 626 pounds and attained an 1,192 pound yearling weight. His EPDs were HB 77, GM 47, CED -1, BW -0.1, WW 49, YW 80, MILK 21, and MARB 0.22.

The gavel fell at $5.500 to find Heath Rasmussen, Dewitt, Nebraska, as the new owner of Lot 9. This son of VRRA Rustler X209 was out of a Red Six Mile Vintage 437U daughter. Born at 76 pounds, he weaned at 716 pounds and posted a yearling weight of 1,261 pounds. His EPDs included HB 96, GM 49, BW -0.3, WW 58, YW 85, MILK 15, and MARB 0.21.

Lots 3 and 4 sold at $5,000 each, with Lot 3 purchased by Larry Alexander, Goldthwaite, Texas, and Lot 4 by Keith Duncan, Lometa, Tex. Both bulls were out of VRRA Indeed Z18.

Volume bull buyers included Eugene and Ethan Emery, Frederick, S.D., Elwood Peterson, Bradley, S.D., Mark and Matt Peterson, Sisseton, S.D., and Stout River Ranch, Englevale, N.D.

There was also a good selection of Red Angus heifers to choose from. Two of the heifers brought $3,000 each. Lot 62 sold to Philip Deslauries, Sherwood, S.D. Lot 63 sold to Travis Beeson of Red Genetics Ranch, Wagner, S.D. Philip Deslauries also got Lot 67 at $2,900. The volume heifer buyer, with six head, proved to be Red Genetics Ranch.

The Valnes Ranch still have a few really good heifer and cow bulls that didn’t get sold. So check your herd bulls, and if you need to replace some, give Emit a call at 605-228-8857 or David at 605-881-7933.

The Valnes Ranch also offers a good selection of quarter horses for sale by private treaty. They are pictured on their website at Their featured sire is PC Lone Paywood, going back to Sun Frost, and Doc Bar. Check them out, if you are interested in horses.

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