Van Newkirk Herefords 44th Annual Bull and Female Sale |

Van Newkirk Herefords 44th Annual Bull and Female Sale

A group of gentle sale bulls at the Van Newkirk Herefords sale.

Date: Jan. 19, 2017

Location: held at the ranch, Oshkosh, NE

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins,

TSLN Rep.: Scott Dirk


136 Two Year Old Hereford Bulls – $7,863

53 Yearling Hereford Bulls – $5,415

12 Registered open Heifers – $2,504

97 Commercial open Heifers – $1,637

What a fantastic day for the Van Newkirk family as they celebrated their 44th Annual Bull and Female sale held at the ranch just east of Oshkosh, NE. The sale had been postponed from Monday to Thursday and that proved to be an excellent decision as on of the worst winter storms in recent years rolled thru NE, KS and OK, on Sunday and Monday. However the rescheduled day was beautifully sunny and spring like.

The bulls in the sale representd the best of the best from Van Newkirk Herefords. They are sired by some of the best in the Hereford Breed and backed by one of the top Hereford cow herds in the nation. 15 of the top selling bulls were sired by 11 different herd sires.

Some sale highlights include

2 Year old bulls.

Lot 123 1 $17,500 UU Solution 5436, selling to Stuber Ranch Bowman, ND

Lot 72 $16,000 UU Bakken 5331, to Red Bird Ranch Nordheim, TX

Lot 90 $14,500 UU ADV 384 5364, buyer was, C J Cattle Oshkosh, NE

Lot 4 $13,000 UU Fresno 5010 to Colorado buyer.

Lot 125 $13,000 UU Maxim 5441 to Texas buyer.

Lot 35 $12,000 UU Harley 5206 to Wyoming buyer.

Lot 55 $11,500 UU Lost Creek 5271 to Missouri buyer.

Lot 27 1$11,000 UU Fresno 5163 , to Wyoming buyer.

Lot 85 $11,000 UU Drake 5357, to Wyoming buyer.

Lot 32 $10,500 UU Bakken 5196, to Kansas buyer.

Lot 111 $10,500 UU Fresno 5415, to Wyoming buyer.

Yearling Bulls

Lot 195, $8,000 UU Diablo 6187D, to Nebraska buyer.

Lot 160, $7,500 UU Kingsley 6025D, to South Dakota buyer.

Lot 164, $7,500 UU Sensation 6062D, to Iowa buyer.

Lot 194, $7,500 UU Diablo 6185D, to Nebraska buyer.

Lot 198, $7,500 UU Fresno 6202D, to Nebraska buyer.

Lot 170, $7,000 DUU Sensation, to South Dakota buyer.

Lot 175, $7,000 UU Sensation 6126D 02SD 57025 Churchill Sensation 028X

Lot 191, $7,000 UU Diablo 6179D

The top registered heifer was lot 222, UU Ms Sensation 6070, selling at $3200 to Iowa buyer.

The bulls sold into 15 states and Canada.

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