Vermilion Ranch “Meating Industry Demands” Fall Performance Sale |

Vermilion Ranch “Meating Industry Demands” Fall Performance Sale


TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: Nov. 27, 2021

Location: Public Auction Yards-Billings, Montana

Auctioneer: Joe Goggin, Roger Jacobs, Ty Thompson, Bill Cook, Greg Goggins


158 Fall Yearling Bulls – $6,888

138 Coming Two Year Old Bulls – $5717

52 Registered 7 Year Old Cows – $3,014

45 Registered Bred Heifers — $3,146

26 April Calving Registered Bred Cows – $2,577

28 April Calving Commercial Bred Cows – $2,182

992 Commercial A.I. Bred Heifers – $2,186

726 Commercial Pasture Bred Heifers – $1,756

1718 Total Commercial Bred Heifers – $2,004

Babe Goggins, family, and crew held the Annual Vermilion Ranch “Meating Industry Demands” Fall Performance Sale, Saturday November 27, 2021, held at Public Auction Yards, Billings, Montana. The fall weather was beautiful outside and the stock offered to customers was outstanding, Congratulations on a great sale!

Lot 12 at $26,000, VERMILION BOMBER H821, DOB 8/1/20, CASINO BOMBER N33 x SITZ JLS GAME DAY 9630, sold to Bob Stoddard, Newcastle, Wyoming

Lot 184 at $25,000, VERMILION CHARGE ON H542, DOB 3/17/20, VERMILION CHARGE ON x SITZ BULLSEYE 8144, Sold to Bryan Rice, Morrill, Nebraska

Lot 2 at $19,000, VERMILION COMMERCE H741, DOB 8/16/20, SITZ COMMERCE 670F x CONNEALY EARNAN 9485, Sold to Bob Stoodard, Newcastle, Wyoming

Lot 3 at $17,500, VERMILION COMMERCE H769, DOB 8/28/20, SITZ COMMERCE 670F x CONNEALY TOP GAME 820A, Sold to Cooney Bros. , Harlowtown, Montana

Lot 32 at $17,000, VERMILION MCILROY H703, DOB 8/10/20, CONNEALY MCILROY x CASINO BOMBER N33, Sold to Harlan Angus, Kaycee, Wyoming

Lot 100 at $16,000, VERMILION E119 SPUR H754, DOB 8/14/20, VERMILION SPUR E119 x VERMILION LASS 7769, Sold to Bob Stoddard, Newcastle, Wyoming

Lot 173 at $16,000, VERMILION BOMBER H412, DOB 2/26/20, CASINO BOMBER N33 x VERMILION BARBARA 8039, Sold to Clear Creek Livestock, Chinook, Montana


Lot 403 at $10,000, VERMILION ELLA LASS 8026, DOB 1/28/18, CONNEALY COUNTDOWN x VERMILION ELLA LASS 6159, Sold to Edleman Ranch, Willow Lake, South Dakota

Lot 351 at $7750, VERMILION LASS 4119, DOB 2/3/14, SITZ JLS GAME DAY 9630 x VERMILION LASS 2715, Sold to Bobcat Angus, Galata, Montana


LOT 471 at $7250, VERMILION E PRIDE LUCY 0236, DOB 3/3/20, VERMILION SPUR D125 x VERMILION E PRIDE LUCY 5213, Sold to TD Angus, North Platte, Nebraska


$2,500 X 15 HEAD

$2,400 X 117 HEAD

$2,350 X 12 HEAD

$2,325 X 21 HEAD

$2,300 X 27 HEAD


$2,300 X 7 HEAD

$2,200 X 13 HEAD

A large crowd was on hand for the annual sale.

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