Vermilion Ranch “Meating Industry Demands” Spring Performance Sale

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: 3/25/2022

Location: Pryor Creek Development Center & Public Auction Yards-Billings, Montana

Auctioneers: Joe Goggins, Roger Jacobs, Greg Goggins, Bill Cook, Ty Thompson, Mick Mosher


March 24, 2022

5687 Commercial Yearling Heifers averaged $1,285

128 Embryos Averaged $1,165

March 25, 2022

422 Yearling Angus Bulls Averaged $6,556

Great two-day sale for the Goggins family and crew March 24 and 25 for the Vermilion Ranch “Meating Industry Demands” Annual Spring Performance Sale in Billings, Montana. Very few places in the country where you can see that high of a volume of consistent Angus cattle all in one place offered for sale. Congratulations on a great sale!

Bull Sale Highlights:

Lot 3 at $57,500, Vermilion Commerce J333, 2/23/21, SITZ COMMERCE 670F x KR JOE CANADA 5372, Sold to Edgar Bros.-Rockham, South Dakota

Lot 64 at $47,500, VERMILION MCILROY J157, 2/10/21, CONNEALY MCILROY x SAV PRIVILEGE 3030, Sold to Buford Ranches, Hominy, Oklahoma

Lot 142 at $39,000, VERMILION FAIR N SQUARE J635, 2/20/21, MYERS FAIR-N-SQUARE M39 x FF DEMPSEY Y11, Sold to Ridl Angus-Dickinson, North Dakota

Lot 13 at $37,000, VERMILION COMMERCE J465, 3/4/21, SITZ COMMERCE 670F x CONNEALY COUNTDOWN, Sold to Lindskov Ranch-Isabel, South Dakota

Lot 81 at $27,500, VERMILION KING ARI J048, 2/1/21, CONNEALY KING AIR x VERMILION PLAYMAKER Y290, Sold to Black Pine Farm-Heron, Montana

Lot 200 at $27,500, VERMILION GROWTH FUND J207, 3/1/21, DEER VALLEY GROWTH FUND x SITZ MADISON 10477, Sold to Jocko Valley Cattle-Arlee, Montana

Lot 108 at $26,000, VERMILION G017 BOMBER J448, 2/5/21, VERMILION BOMBER G017 x CONNEALY DOC NEAL, Sold to V Bar Ranch-Shawmut, Montana

Lot 2 at $17,500, VERMILION COMMERCE K154, 2/6/21, SITZ COMMERCE 670F x CONNEALY DOC NEAL, Sold to TK Angus-Wood Lake, Nebraska

Top Embryos:

$1800 x 8

Hoffman Thedford x Casino Bomber

$1625 x 4

$1550 x 8

SAV Scale House 0845 x SAV SENSATION 5615

$1500 x 4

TD Doc Ryan 049 x Sitz JLS Game Day 9630

Goggins family matriarch Babe Goggins never misses a sale.
Kingston and Joe Goggins, with Bill Cook

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