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Vollmer Angus Ranch 41st Annual Production Sale

Bernie Nicholson bought 6 bulls at the Vollmer Angus sale.

Date of Sale: April 24, 2018

Location: at the Ranch, Wing, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs

TSLN Rep: Chris Effling


116 Angus Bulls – $4,343

Sale Highlights

Lot 1 at $26,000, VAR RECHARGE 7103, Dob 3-0-2017, Reg 18983983, SAV Recharge 3436 x VAR moss pride 274, sold to Hoffman Farms, Wheatland, North Dakota.

Lot 5 at $16,000, VAR RESIDUAL 710, Dob 2-16-2017, Reg 18970016, SAV Residual 4835 x VAR Hope Lass 571, sold to Pokorney Angus, Spring Valley, Minnesota.

Lot 15 at $14,500, VAR BULLSEYE 7251, Dob 3-14-2017, Reg 18983851, Mogck Bullseye x VAR Bristow Bonnie 4125, sold to Kuder Farms, Rogers, North Dakota.

Lot 14 at $14,000, VAR TUNDRA 724, Dob 2-19-2017, Reg 18979650, Bushs Tundra 602 x VAR Parka Blackcap 4160, sold to L J Dohrmann, Taylor, North Dakota.

Lot 27 at $12,000, VAR SENSATION 706, Dob 2-14-2017, Reg 18978019, SAV Sensation 5615 x VAR Lola 593, sold to Kuder Farms. F

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