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Watje Zimmerman “Pounds for Profit” Charolais Bull Sale

Jay and Vince Watje, Willmar, Minnesota, brought quality Charolais bulls for South Dakota ranchers.

Date: Mar. 14, 2016

Location: Faith Livestock Commission Co.

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

Reported by: Dan Piroutek


21 Bulls – $4,133

Watje Zimmerman Charolais brought another outstanding set of Charolais bulls to Faith Livestock. These bulls have a lot of body, plus extra muscle. When you cross Charlais bulls with English cows, there is a pop of vigor that really can’t be achieved in any other way.

As you look through the bulls and the catalog, you see heavy influence from Diablo, Game On, and the great Marion cow, a mainstay donor at Aces Wild Ranch in Texas, who has proven she can produce what the industry needs. Watjes also use genetics from the Hoodoo Ranch in Wyoming to add some real-world practical cattle that are able to produce and thrive in real ranch conditions.

This offering included two-year-old bulls, as well as winter yearlings that were well-grown, and looked like they were ready to go out for heavy service.

This family is one of the nicest in this business, and you will like them the first time you meet them. This family pays attention to the details, selecting only their top cattle to bring out to Faith from their farm near Willmar, Minnesota.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 5, selling for $9,500 to Rick Lester from Gonzales, Texas. He was an August summer yearling son of ZKCC Game On 266Z, and out of a daughter of Thomas Mr. Reflector. His EPDs were BW 1.3, WW 19, YW 32, MILK 7, and MTL 16. He weighed in at 1,585 pounds, and had a 39 cm. scrotal measurement.

Hutton Ranch, Boerne, Texas, chose Lot 15, Cracker Jack 506C, at $8,000. This son of ZKCC Game On was out of a Smokester daughter. He weaned at 826 pounds, posting a sale day weight of 1,430 pounds. His EPDs were BW 1.9, WW 35, YW 61, and MILK 13. He had a 42 cm. scrotal measurement.

Repeat buyers, Fairview Ranch, from Faith, South Dakota, bought Lot 18 at $7,000. Born at 84 pounds, he weaned at 880 pounds. He was by CML Diablo 2X and out of an Easy Breaker daughter. He had a 41 cm scrotal measurement. Completing the package were EPDs of BW -1.4, WW 9, YW 24, MILK 5, and MTNL 9.

Lot 10 brought $5,000 from Jason Reed, Faith, South Dakota. He had an 88 pound birth weight and weaned at 910 pounds. Sired by CML Diablo 2X, he was out of a daughter of HCF Monsieur 6032. Weighing 1,515 pounds on sale day, he had a BW EPD of -1.5 and a scrotal measurement of 43 cm.

Quint Moreland from Red Owl, South Dakota, took home Lot 23, Mr. Big Ben 519C, at $5,000. He was by WC Big Ben 9036P, and out of a female by Eatons Visionary. With only a 79 pound birth weight, he weaned at 756 pounds. His EPDs were BW -1.5, WW 29, YW 59, MILK 11, and MTL 26.