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Date: Apr. 4, 2015

Location: Shoshoni, Wyoming

Auctioneer: Bill Cook

Reported by: Barry Ellis


56 Black Angus bulls – $4,127

16 Red Angus bulls – $4,147

The Wyoming Beef Cattle Improvement Association held their 30th Annual Bull Test sale at the Pingetzer Bull and Heifer Development Center, Shoshoni, Wyoming on Apr. 4.

For the 30th Annual sale, the bulls were fed in a way to express their genetic potential and not necessarily for extraordinary gains. They feel this will ensure more years of service for the bulls overall better overall health of the bulls. The bulls were in very good working condition and should maintain that condition in the breeding pastures. All bulls had passed a semen evaluation plus had been tested BVD free, ultra sounded and PAP tested. They are ready to go to work.

The sale offering was truly the “Best of the Best” with only the top 70 percent of the bulls that entered the test being offered in the sale.

The top selling Angus bulls:

Lot 392, Klein Basin Excitement 9271, a Jan. 2014 son of Basin Excitement consigned by Klein Angus, Wheatland, Wyoming. This bull had a 205 day ratio of 126, avg. daily gain ratio of 122 and epds of CED 11 BW 0.3 WW 70 YW 109 Milk 24. The bull sold to Honkin Livestock, Laramie, Wyoming for $10,000.

Selling at $9,000 to Mark Hoyt, Basin, Wyoming was lot 425. HARB PR Focus 224, is a Mar. 2014 son of Paintrock In Focus that was consigned by Harrison Angus Ranch, Boyd, MT. This bull has epds of CED 9 BW -0.4 WW 53 YW 96 Milk 25 and posted a WDA ratio of 115.

Lot 381, Special Focus 453 of WAG, a Feb. 2014 son of BPF Special Focus 504 consigned by Elsie Wagler, Cody, Wyoming was the next top Angus bull at $7,750. This bull has epds of CED 14 BW -1.9 WW 56 YW 94 Milk 26 and had a gain ratio of 112 with WDA ratio of 103. Charlie Griffin, Riverton, Wyoming was the buyer.

Topping the Red Angus bulls was a consignment from Pingetzer’s Six Iron Ranch, Shoshoni, Wyoming. Lot 533, Six Outlyer B3 is a Jan. 2014 son of LSF Outlook 0410X that had an ADG ratio of 110 and epds of CED 1 BW -2.2 WW 49 YW 80 Milk 23. The bull sold to Ted Edwards, Gillette, Wyoming for $6,500.

Selling at $6,000 was lot 521, another consignment from Pingetzer’s Six Iron Ranch. Six Hard Rock B28 is a Mar. 2014 son of Lakeview Hard Rock 207 with epds of CED 5 BW -3.7 WW 54 YW 88 Milk 23. Jake Hall, Lander, Wyoming was the buyer.

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