Weber Charolais & Red Angus Farm Annual Production Sale |

Weber Charolais & Red Angus Farm Annual Production Sale

TSLN Rep: Dan Piroutek

Date: April 4, 2022

Location: Weber Satellite Ranch, Lake Andes, SD

Auctioneer: Brad Veurink, Dan Clark

Averages: 27 Reg. yrlg Charolais Bulls avg. $5,111

27 Reg. yrlg Red Angus Bulls avg. $3,630

4 SimAngus Bulls avg. $3,375

6 Commercial Bulls avg. $3,083

8 Open Charolais Heifers avg. $1,894

14 Open Red Angus Heifers avg. $2,068

10 Commercial Bred Red Angus Heifers avg. $2,225

The Weber family hosted a very big crowd for their annual Charolais and Red Angus bull sale. There was good demand, especially on the top end. Many repeat buyers bid right up on these good bulls. Some of the crowd came for the good females. This is a family operation, and its always a joy to visit and work with this family.

Top Selling Charolais Bulls:

Lot 2: $10,000 to Joe Garcia and Matt Powers, Donalsonville, Georgia– WCF Mr Silver Gun 467 x M6 Rock Star 306 P ET

Lot 17: $10,000 to Tyler Hills, Colby, Kansas – WC Monumental 5524 P x M6 Grid Plus 713 PLD ET

Lot 1: $8,500 to Trent Hatch, Old Lake, Manitoba, Canada – WCF Mr Silver Gun 467 x WCR Kingsbury 116 P

Lot 5: $8,500 to Scott Hinrichs, Ayr, Nebraska – DCR Mr General Ridge G117 x M6 Rock Star 306 P ET

Top Selling Red Angus Bulls:

Lot 50: $7,250 to L & D Peterson Enterprises, Northville, South Dakota – STRA Cinch 904 x Red U-2 Entourage 282B

Lot 55: $5,500 to Ryan Boever, Lake Preston, South Dakota – STRA Cinch 904 x Bieber Rollin Deep Y118

Top Selling Charolais Heifer:

Lot 92: $3,100 to Matt Powers, Donalsonville, Georgia – WCF Mr T Rock 72 x WCF Mr Silver Gun 467

Karen and Dean Weber relax at the Weber Sale, a program they put together many years ago.
Scott and Cindy Hinrichs, Ayr, Nebraska, south of Hastings, Nebraska, bought Charolais bulls and one open heifer.

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