Weber Farms Charolais and Red Angus Annual Production Sale |

Weber Farms Charolais and Red Angus Annual Production Sale


TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens


Date of Sale: April 5, 2021


Location: at the Farm Lake Andes, South Dakota

Auctioneers: Dan Clark and Brad Veurink



28 Charolais Bulls – $3,857

5 Charolais Heifers – $2,900

1 Charolais Donor – $6,000

11 Red x Charolais crossed bulls – $2,750

Red Angus Bulls

27 Red Angus Bull -$3,667

6 Red Angus Heifers – $2,083

I Red Angus Donor $4,000

10 Commercial Bred Heifers – $2,350

There was a big crowd on hand for the Weber Charolais and Red Angus Bull and Female Production Sale, The Weber Farms and crew offered a very nice set of bulls.

Charolais Bulls

Lot 17 at $9,000, WCF MR YELLOWSTONE 0314, Dob 3-5-2021, Reg M940430, WC Monumental 5524 x DCR MS wrangler Girl B21 sold to Randy Schelske, Olivet, South Dakota.

Lot 15 at $7,250 WCF MR WINCHESTER 0313, Dob 2-20-2020, Reg M950652, M6 Bells & Whistles 258 x WCF MIss Rock Star 6603, sold to Greg Parr and Scott Milligan, Hereford, Texas.

Lot 2 at $7,000, WCF MR ROCK STAR 044, Dob 4-5-2020, Reg M949956, M6 Rock Star 306 x WCF Miss Kingsbuary 36, sold to Dan Soulck, Armor, South Dakota

Top Charolais Heifer

Lot 89 at $6,000, DCR MS WRANGLER GIRL B21, Dob 2-6-2014, Reg F194475, sold to Jess Taylor, Broken Bow, Nebraska.

High selling Red Angus Bulls

Lot 109 at $8,250, JBARW TOMBSTONE O2, Dob 2-8-2020, Reg 4270295, WFL Merlin 018A x Lazy J Miss Coco 5209, sold to Francis Saunders, Gregory, South Dakota.

Lot 101, at $7,750, JBARW RED TANK 00, Dob 1-6-2020, Reg 4370777 Bitterroot Gold 25XA x Weber Miss Hamley 2114, sold to Jim Peterson, Northville, South Dakota.

Lot 105 at $7,000, JBARW MISSION RIDGE O26, Dob 1-20-2020, Reg 4370765, Silveiras Mission Nexus 1378 x Weber Miss Hamley 2114, sold to Melissa Edmondson, Granite Falls, Minnesota.

Top selling Red Angus Female

Lot 100 at $4,000 WEBER MISS HAMLEY 2114, Dob 3-16-12, Reg 1562261, sold to Werning Cattle Company, Emery, South Dakota.

Elisabeth and Justus Gregg
Jessica and Dusty Adams
Dean Weber talking with Barry and Sam Black from Wisconsin.


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