WEBO ANGUS 11th Annual Production Sale

Tanner, Scott and Amy West from Lusk, Wyoming.

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens, Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: April 3, 2018

Location: ranch near Lusk Wyoming

Auctioneer:Lex Madden

Sales Manager: Cody Thompson


62 yearling bulls averaged $4,758

12 two year old bulls averaged $4,500

28 open commercial heifers averaged $1,108

Yearling Bulls

Lot 707 at $11,000, WEBO ALTITUDE 707, DOB 2-13-17, REG# 18986177, McConnell Altitude 3114 x WEBO Rainfall Superior 521, sold to Powder River Angus Spotted Horse, Wyoming

Lot 7105 at $9500, WEBO INNOVATION 7105, DOB 3-2-17, REG# 18985861, MAR Innovation 251 x WEBO Blackbird 345, sold to Randall and Ryan Haeflae Lusk, Wyoming

Lot 7127 at $8250, WEBO PROPHET 7127, DOB 3-3-17, REG# 18950677, DB Forward Prophet C130 x WEBO Katinka 552, sold to Diane Hall, Lost Springs, Wyoming

Lot 7173 at $8000, WEBO PROPHET 7173, DOB 3-12-17, REG# 19060121, DB Forward Prophet C130 x WEBO Katinka 527, sold to Moen Ranch Lusk, Wyoming

Lot 721 at $8000, WEBO PROPHET 721, DOB 2-21-17, REG# 18985784, GAR Prophet x WEBO Blackcap 5122, sold to James Gill Gillette, Wyoming

2 year old bulls

Lot 6208 at $7500, WEBO CEDAR RIDGE 6208, DOB 3-20-17, REG# 18523380, WEBO CEDAR RIDGE 404 x WEBO Nighthawk 4110, sold to Moen Ranch Lusk, Wyoming

It was a packed house April 4th, 2018 for the 11th annual WEBO Angus production sale held at the ranch near Lusk, Wyoming. The York family once again presented a classy set of bulls featuring shape, muscle, and profile for the sale. We finished up the day selling 28 head of open commercial heifers and two nice Manning ranch geldings. Congratulations on a successful sale!