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Wedge Tent Ranch

J. T. Vig, Opal, SD got several Wedge Tent bulls.

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk, Dan Piroutek

Date of Sale: April 29, 2020

Location: Faith Livestock Auction, Faith, SD

Auctioneer: Doug Dietterle


18 Two Year Old Angus bulls – $5,236

26 Yearling Angus bulls – $4,240

Wedge Tent Ranch, Bart and Shannon Carmichael and family held their 16th Annual sale on Wed. Apr. 19. There was a very nice crowd of buyers on hand scattered throughout the sale arena with many new faces. This was a very nice set of yearling and two year old bulls, fed to excel in the breeding pasture. About 80 percent of the bulls were suitable for use on heifers, but did not give up the performance.

Top selling two year old bulls:

Lot 853, WT Charlo 853, 4/18 son of Coleman Charlo out of a proven 10 year old cow. The bull had a weaning ratio of 111, and sold to Ryan Beer, Lemmon, SD for $8,500.

Lot 844, WT Fort 844, 4/18 son of WT Newcastle 241, epds CED 7 BW -0.3 WW 28 YW 44 Milk 21 to Ryan Vig, Opal, SD for $8,250.

Lot 845, WT Fort 845, 4/18 son of WT Newcastle 241, weaning ratio of 111 to Roger Gaugler, Almont, ND for $8,000

Top selling yearling bulls:

Lot 929, WT Dimension 929, 4/19 son of WT Dimension 638, epds CED 10 BW -1.3 WW 35 YW 64 Milk 23 sold to SD buyer for $7,750.

Lot 905, WT Charlo 905, 4/19 son of Coleman Charlo 0256, weaning ratio of 111 out of an 8 year old cow sold to Ryan Vig, Opal, SD for $6,000.

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