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Weisbeck Red Angus

Rex Newling, Pierre, bought a bul.l

Date of Sale: April 11, 2018

Location: Herreid Livestock Herreid,SD

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

TSLN Rep: Chris Effling


34 Red Angus Bulls – $2,655

10 Regeistered Heifers – $2,015

29 Commercial Heifers – $1,316

Sale Highlights

Lot 2 at $4,100, SWS 511E B RED BRYLOR WAVES, Dob 3-20-2017, Reg 3797928, Red Brylor OTM Wavez 131A x SWS 94Z-Entourage sold to Darrel Metzinger, Pierre, South Dakota.

Lot 30 at $4,100, SWS 832E B RREDS TAKE OUT, Dob 4-8-2017, Reg 3798118, BIEBER RREDS Take Out 305A x SWSC – 613h Kuhhns High Yeild, sold to James Kuhn, Napoleon, North Dakota.

Lot 4 at $3,600 SWS520E B RED BRYLOR WAVES Dob 3-24-2017 Reg 3797954 Red Brylor OTM Waves 131A x SWS 163Z 714 Make My Day sold to Darrel Metzinger Pierre.

Lot 8 at $3,300, SWS 828E B RREDS RAKE OUT Dob 3-19-2017 Reg 3798110 Bieber RREDS Take out 305A x RLL Ms Addy 531348566, sold to Gerald Vander Vorst Woodbury, Minnesota.

High Selling Heifers

Lot 56 at $2,450 SWS 734E C SIX MILE CLASSACT Dob 4-8-2017, sold to Dalton Ellefson, Eureka, South Dakota.

Lot 57 at $2,450 SWS 703E C SIX MILE CLASSACT Dob 3-31-2017 sold to Dan Thies, North Sioux City, South Dakota.

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