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Werning Cattle Co.

Lot 204 was the high selling female.

TSLN Rep: Chris Effling, Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Feb. 13, 2018


Location: Werning Sale Facilty Emery, South Dakota

Auctioneers: Dustin Carter and Jared Shipman

Sale Manager: Eberspacher Enterprises


161 Yearling and Aged Simmental plus 7 Sim/Angus Bulls – $4,238

10 Simmental and Sim/Angus Breeder Bulls – $49,500

9 Purebred Angus Bulls – $5,425

79 Simmental – $7,946

8 Red and Black Angus Bred – $3,581

7 Genetic Lots – Embryos and Flushes – $5,143

29 Commercial bred – $2,531

What a day for Werning Cattle Company Breeders from all across the country attended this sale.

Lot 127 at $142,500, W/C ANCHOR B4E, DOB 2-28-2018, Reg 3336327 CCR Anchor 9071b x Miss Werning KP 8543U, sold to Cowan Cattle Co., Burlington Wisconsin

Lot 18 at $105,000, W/C EXECUTIVE 5014E, DOB 1-28-2017, Reg 3336150 W/C Executive Order 8543B x W/C Miss Werning 5014C, sold to High Prairie Genetics Kansas, Hicks Cattle Co. Indiana and H2O’S Simmental, Indiana

Lot 111 at $42,000, W/C LOADED UP EBO, DOB 2-28-2017, Reg 3336325, W/C Loaded Up 1119Y x Miss Werning KP 8543U, sold to Walsh Simmentals Hubbard, Nebraska.

Lot 68 at $37,500, W/C LOCK N LOAD 285E, DOB 3-5-2017, Reg 3336241, Remington Lock N Load 54U x Miss Werning 285Z, sold to Goeken Cattle Utica, South Dakota, and Healy Simmentals Irene, South Dakota.

Lot 133 at $33,000, W/C UTAH 0135E, DOB 2-3-2017, Reg 3336165 Yardley Utah Y361 x W/C Miss Angel 2870Z, sold to Gorken Cattle, Utica, South Dakota.

Lot 137 at $32,000, W/C STYLE B2E, DOB 2-27-2017, Reg 3336318 Silveiras Style Miss Werning KP 8543U, sold to Barry Reimann, Ree Heights, South Dakota, Owen Brothers Cattle Company, Bois D Arc, Missouri.

Lot 135 at $30,000 W/C STYLE 83E DOB 2-27-2017 Reg 3336314 Silveiras Style 9303 x W/C RJ Biscuit 4007B, sold to Western Cattle Source and Maggill Farms Crawford, Nebraska.

Top Females

Lot 204 – sold 1/2 interest at $40,000, W/C MISS WERNING 6026D, DOB 1-30-2016, Reg 3354111, sold to Ferguson Show Cattle, Chardon, Ohio.

Lot 202 sold 1/2 interest at $27,000, W/C SAZZY 6010D, DOB 3-15-2016, Reg 3315201 sold to Hicks Cattle Company, Covington, Indiana.

Lot 251 at 45,000, W/C MISS WERNING 638D, DOB 1-31-2016, Reg 3253950, sold to Windy Creek Cattle Co. Spencer, South Dakota.

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