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Werning Cattle Company 39th Annual Production Sale

Dale and Scott Werning welcoming the large crowd.

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Feb. 11, 2020

Location: at Ranch Emery, South Dakota

Auctioneers: Dustin Carter and Jered Shipman


10 Simmental and Sim Influenced Stud Bulls – $44,000

93 Simmental and Sim – Influenced Yearling Bulls – $7,158

34 Simmental and Sim Influenced aged Bulls – $6,137

7 Angus Bulls – $6,000

5 Red Angus Bulls – $4,600

105 Simmental & Sim-Influenced Females – $6,036

258 Total Lots – $7,893

The 39th annual Werning Cattle Company Production Sale, had a perfect February day and a full sale facility of buyers from all over the country.

Lot # 76 $70,000 – ½ Interest ($140,000 Total Valuation), W/C Right Now 65G, Mr. SR 71 Right Now E1538 x W/C Miss Werning 65D – SA Bull. Buyer: Windy Creek Cattle Company, Spencer, SD.

Lot # 11 $120,000, W/C CEO 005G, CDI CEO 281D x Miss Werning KP 8543U – SM Bull. Buyer: Harrell Cattle Company, Carthage, IL.

Lot # 200 $55,000 – ½ Interest ($110,000 Total Valuation), W/C Miss Werning 899F, W/C Bankroll 811D x K-LER Dollys Queen 609D. Sold Open. Buyer: Spud Gustin, West Union, OH.

Lot # 29 $95,000, W/C Turnpike 29G, Rubys Turnpike 771E x ES Z29 – SM Bull. Buyer: Western Cattle Source, NE; Steve Knight, MO; Stanley McElroy, GA; Sandeen Genetics, IA & Reimann Ranches, SD.

Lot # 87 $28,000, W/C Relentless 007G, W/C Relentless 32C x W/C RJ Miss Derby Girl – SM Bull. Buyer: Double Bar D Farms, Grenfill, SK.

Lot # 104 $24,000, W/C Prime Example 4014F, CDI Prime Example 310D x W/C RJ 8543 4014B – SM Bull, Buyer: J Folsom, Rexburg, ID

Lot # 57 $23,000, W/C Bankroll 002G, W/C Bankroll 811D x Miss Werning 39A – SA Bull, Buyer: Terry Acton, Holmesville, NE

Lot # 20 $22,500

W/C Turnpike 672G, Rubys Turnpike 771E x W/C Miss Werning 672D – SA Bull, Buyer: Gilliland Livestock, Davis, CA

Female Sale Highlights

Simmental & Sim- Influenced Female, Lot # 235 $21,00 W/C Miss Werning 863F

W/C Bankroll 811D x W/C Miss Werning 463B, Bred to W/C Night Watch 84E; Buyer: Ferguson Show Cattle, Chardon, OH

Lot # 242 $20,000, W/C Miss Werning 894F, CDI Innovator 325D x Miss Werning 194Y, Bred to W/C Night Watch 84E, Buyer: Double Bar D Farms, Grenfill, SK.

Lot # 281 $19,500, W/C Miss Werning 8046F, W/C United 956Y x Miss Werning 9313W, Bred to W/C Lock Down 206ZBuyer: Karl Nesser, Red Wi ng, MN.