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Westphal Registered Red Angus

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: March 25, 20202

Location: At the Ranch, Grass Range, Montana

Auctioneer: Ty Thompson


89 Bulls – $4,685

31 Registered Heifers – $1,732

42 Commercial Heifers – $1,188|

Vic and Shari Westphal, along with family members and crew, held the Annual Westphal Registered Red Angus Sale at the ranch near Grass Range, Montana, March 25, 2020. It was a warm spring day and a nice lunch was served. Westphal Red Angus has created a strong following of loyal customers by offering consistent cattle that offer balanced traits and go out and work in all types of environments. Congratulations to everyone involved on a great sale!

Lot 2 at $15,000, JKW 902 PANCHO, DOB 2/3/19, 5L THE REAL DEAL 1667 143B x JKW 1401 MOON DOLLY, Sold to Blom Red Angus, Vida, Montana

Lot 72 at $14,000, VGW GLOBAL 943, DOB 2/9/19, RREDS PIONEER 6904 x VGW SS-STAR 1348, Sold to Berry’s Land & Livestock, Vida, Montana

Lot 44 at $10,000, VGW NAVIGATOR 9115, DOB 3/26/19, 3SCC NAVIGATOR A448 x VGW S163-INDIGO 0863, Sold to Ravenscroft Red Angus, Nenzel, Nebraska

Lot 4 at $8,000, VGW AUTOMATIC 971, DOB 2/22/19, VGW AUTOMATIC 724 x VGW JOUR-CHRISS 13123, Sold to Leland Red Angus, Sidney, Montana

Lot 24 at $8,000, VGW EXCEED 957, DOB 2/12/19, VGW INTENSITY 714 x VGW PAL-STAR 1405, Sold to Sontegard Cattle.

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