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Wheeler Mountain Angus

Seedstock producers like MR Angus, Wheatland, Wyoming, and Van Dyke Angus, Manhattan, Montana, as well as others were in the seats and buying some proven genetics from the Wheeler Mountain offering.

Ron & Kate Van Dyke

March 24th, at the Ranch, Whitehall, Montana

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

146 Yearling Angus Bulls averaged $5,166

190 Commercial Open Heifer Calves averaged $1,913

Sale reported by: Sarah Swenson, Tri-State Livestock News

For the first time since their very first sale 12 years ago, it was snowing at Wheeler Mountain Ranch on the morning of the sale. However, the bidding action at the start of the sale heated things up in a hurry, and the snow tapered off, making it a nice day all around.

Wheeler Mountain does an outstanding job of developing their bulls to be sound, feeding a sensible high roughage ration. They also do a really good job of testing their genetics and ensuring that they offer problem-free, efficient-gaining, easy-calving and powerfully-performing cattle that their customers demand.

Wheeler Mountain Angus is a family owned and operated ranch “with a lifetime of experience raising Angus cattle.” Their cattle need to make a living on large pastures of short-grass sagebrush as well as mountain grass in the upwards of 7,500 feet. Ron said that environment has proven to be their best sorting stick. In addition to the environment, cows are required to wean a minimum of 50 percent of their weight.

Once again the ladies put on a fantastic lunch and by the time the sale was ready to start, everyone was well-fed, optimistic about the moisture in the air and ready to bid.

The Van Dyke children-David and his wife Erin, daughters Stacy and Jacqui and sons-in-law Brett Ellison and Phillip Hofer, were all on hand helping with the sale. With the addition of another new grandbaby, as well as the other grandkids, it looks like the Van Dykes are planning to continue the tradition of breeding high performance Angus cattle for years to come.

Top Sellers:

The top selling WMR bull for 2015 was lot 25, selling for $22,000 to McBee Angus, Cowan, Tennessee. This big-topped bull is sired by Hilltop Santa Fe CP0341 and out of a WMR Hero 347 daughter. This impressive combination yielded a 822 pound weaning weight and 1265 yearling weight with only a 70 lb birth weight. He posted EPDs of CED 10, BW +0.8, WW 68, SC +1.01, YW 105, Milk 30.

The second, third and fourth high selling bulls were all purchased by repeat buyer MR Angus, Wheatland, Wyoming. The second high seller, lot 4, WMR Infinity 4246, brought $17,000. The WMR Infinity 141 sire of this bull goes back to WMR Timeless 458 and Leachman Right Time 338-5605. On the cow side, this bull expressed the genetics of his maternal grandsire WMR Dateline 210. His EPDs were CED 14, BW +0, WW 72, YW 112, and Milk 24. In terms of performance, this bull registered an actual BW of 74, and impressive 205 wt of 854 and 365 wt of 1376.

Lot 35, WMR Ten Gauge 416, was the third highest selling bull for the day bringing $11,000, also selling to MR Angus, Wheatland, WY. Born 1/12/14, this AAR Ten Gauge 1501 son out of a WMR Timeless 458 daughter recorded a BW of 73 lbs, a 205 wt of 781 and a 365 wt of 1375 with EPDs of CED 9, BW +1.2, WW 73, YW 123, and Milk 25.

MR Angus, Wheatland, Wyoming, purchased lot 9 for $10,000. This powerful made, sound structured bull was sired by AAR Ten Gauge 1501, which goes back to Mytty In Focus. His dam is another great Wheeler Mountain Timeless 458 daughter. This January 2014 calf was one of the wider bulls in the ring that day, posting a yearling weight of 1346, a 205 wt of 773, and only a 77 lb birthweight. WMR Ten X 432’s EPDs were CED 7, BW +2.1, WW 71, YW 124 and Milk 24.

Rounding out the top five, also selling for $10,000 also to MR Angus, was lot 93. WMR Infinity 440 born 1/18/14, is a son of WMR Infinity 141 and grandson of WMR Timeless 458. Reyes and Russell put together an outstanding set of herd sires with a lot of Timeless 458 influence, just this time on the top side. On the bottom side, this calf is out of a WMR Dateline 210 daughter. This bull recorded a low BW of 73, WW of 728, and YW of 1338 and EPDs of CED 11, BW +1.5, WW 68, YW 109 and a remarkable Milk EPD of 32.

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