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Wheeler Mountain Ranch Angus 14th Annual Bull Sale

Alan Boomer of Hall, Montana bought right into the heart of the program.

March 7, 2016

At the ranch near Whitehall, MT

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs

TSLN Rep: Rowdy Benson

136 yearling bulls averaged: $4,630

100 yearling heifers averaged: $1,290

The sun was shining and the weather mild in western Montana at the Wheeler Mountain Ranch Angus Bull Sale near Whitehall. It’s pretty rugged country out that way and the cattle have to be tough. These bulls come off a herd that is time-tested in this environment of short-grass sagebrush and mountain grass territory. Customers will appreciate the sure predictability, high performance, trouble-free genetics that make up the bulls and females offered. The bulls were fine specimens of what sound-footed, long-bodied cattle look like. Here is the cream off the top:

Apex Angus of Valier, MT purchased Lot 1, WMR True Grit 520, for $16,000. This Hilltop True Grit 9202 son has standout EPDs of BW -2.1, WW 67, YW 110, and Milk 24. He was born 1/12/15 at 65lbs and posted a 753lbs Adj. WW.

Lot 19, WMR Ten Gauge, was sold to MR Angus of Wheatland, WY for $10,500. This AAR Ten Guage 1501 son was born 1/27/15 at 87lbs and was 780lbs on his Adj. WW. He recorded EPDs of BW 2.1, WW 62, YW 106, and Milk 20.

Westra Angus of Manhattan, MT purchased Lot 2, WMR True Grit 513, for $10,000. This Hilltop True Grit 9202 son posts calving ease EPDs of BW -1.4, WW 68, YW 111, and Milk 25. He was born 1/10/15 at 67lbs and was 787lbs on his Adj. WW.

Lot 46, WMR True Grit 5207, is headed to Tennessee with Tom McBee for $8,000. This is a Harrison True Grit 3344 son with EPDs of BW 1.0, WW 73, YW 115, and Milk 29. He was born 2/8/15 at 76lbs and was 854lbs on the Adj. WW.

Ken Glaus of Cardwell, MT bought Lot 59, WMR Active Duty 5158, for $7,250. He posted EPDs of BW 3.3, WW 68, YW 109, and Milk 21. He’s a Apex Active duty 443 son that weighed 90lbs at birth on 1/31/15 and was 775lbs on the Adj. WW.