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White’s Angus & Lee Angus Joint Production Sale


TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: March 20, 2021


Location: Bowman Auction Market, Bowman, ND

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar


50 Yearling Bulls – $3,405


White’s Angus, Robert and Leann White once again teamed up with Lee Angus, Raymond and Chris Lee and family for the annual White/Lee Angus production sale.

The bulls had been fed a high roughage ration to express their full genetic potential with out being over-done. Bulls were in great sale shape and sired by some of the top bulls in the Angus breed.


Lot 30, $6,000. Lees Frontman 0166, 3/20 son of AAR Frontman 3132 x HA Cowboy Up 5405, to Riggs Nedell, Buffalo, SD.

Lot 32, $5,500. Lees Frontman 0171, 3/20 son of , AAR Frontman 3132 x Apex Windy 078, to Gerald Streitz, Sentinal Butte, ND.

Lot 49, $5,250. Lees Bomber 0158, 3/20, son of Casino Bomber N33 x SAV Bismarck 5682, to Scott Martian, Bowman, ND.

Lot 1, $5,000. Whites Easy Rider 047, 3/20 son of Vermilion Re-Ride x RB Tour of Duty to Chris Berquist, Rhame, ND.

Lot 11, $5,000, Whites Bomber 072, 3/20 son of Casino Bomber N33 x Prairie Pride Next Step to LeRoy Abrahamson, Bowman, ND.

Lot 57, $5,000. Lees Justified 0114, 3/20 son of KG Justified 3823 x HA Cowboy Up 5405 to Gary Skarda, Watford City, ND

Glass Ranch, Hebron, ND got a couple bulls at the White's Angus & Lee Angus sale.
Raymond Lee and Robert White at White's Angus & Lee Angus Joint Production Sale.

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