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White’s Angus / Lee Angus Joint Production Sale

LeRoy Abrahamson, Bowman, N.D., at the White Angus and Lee Angus Joint bull sale.

Date: Mar. 19, 2016

Location: Bowman Auction Market, Bowman, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

TSLN Rep.: Scott Dirk


70 Yearling Angus bulls – $4,418

46 Commercial open yearling heifers – $1,018

Robert White and Raymond Lee, along with their families teamed up again to present the annual White’s Angus Ranch and Lee Angus Ranch production sale at Bowman Auction Market, in Bowman, North Dakota.

These two outfits compliment each other quite well in their management practices. The bulls were not over fed, but had been developed on a high roughage ration to develop their full genetic potential and ensure longevity and soundness in the breeding pasture.

There was a very good crowd of new and repeat buyers on hand to sort thru and select the sale bulls. The bulls were sired by breed leading calving ease and performance bulls and were backed by a complete herd health protocol and breeding soundness guarantee. This was a very uniform set of bulls that were very well accepted by the buyers on hand.

Topping the Lee Angus bulls were two Mar. 2015 embryo transfer brothers sired by Apex Windy 078 and out of the Brooks Stockman x Sodak Oscar donor cow, Paula 116 LAR. Lot 33, Lees Windy 5171 and lot 36, Lees Windy 5176 have epds of BW I+2.7 WW I+51 YW I+82 Milk I+28. The lot 33 bull has a 205-day weight of 781 pounds, 365-day weight of 1314 pounds and lot 36 205-day weight was 771 pounds with a 365-day weight of 1,245 pounds. Both bulls sold for $8,000 each to Eagle Butte Ranch, Baker, Montana.

Selling at $6,000 was lot 62, Lees Bismarck 5113, a Mar. 2015 son of SAV Bismarck 5682 with epds of CED 9 BW .4 YW 105 Milk 24. This bull had a weaning ratio of 109 and yearling ratio at 111. Gerald Streitz, Sentinal Butte, North Dakota was the buyer.

In the White Angus Bulls lot 2 Whites MR Impressive 580, a Mar. 2015 son of Mohnen Impressive 1093 with epds of CED 11 BW -1.4 WW 63 YW 108 Milk 30 sold to Sonny and Kay Hanson, Marmarth, North Dakota for $7,500. This bull had a 205-day weight of 880 pounds, weaning ratio of 114 and 365-day weight of 1,411 pounds, yearling ratio of 108.

Selling at $7,500 was lot 1, Whites Tank 559, a Feb. 2015 son of Mohnen Impressive 1093 with epds of CED 13 BW 66 YW 113 Milk 27. 205 day weight 892 pounds, weaning ratio 116, 365 day weight 1,439 pounds, yearling ratio at 111. LeRoy Abrahamson, Bowman, North Dakota was the buyer.

Lot 11, Whites Active Duty 537, a Mar. 2015 son of RB Active Duty 010 with epds of CED 8 BW .8 WW 62 YW 119 Milk 29 sold to 3X Ranch LLC, Buffalo, South Dakota for $7,250. This bull has a 205-day weight of 801 pounds to ratio 104 and yearling weight of 1,311 pounds, ratio 101.

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