Wilken Angus Annual Bull Sale

Vonnie and Jim O'Dea, Howes, SD, repeat Wilken Angus bull buyers.

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk, Dan Piroutek

Date of Sale: Dec. 31, 2019

Location: Faith Livestock Auction, Faith, SD

Auctioneer: Doug Dietterle


140 Coming 2 Year Old Angus Bulls – $5,010

Although re-scheduled twice due to snowstorms, the Wilken family hosted a huge crowd for their annual two-year-old Angus bull sale. Many repeat buyers filled the seats at Faith Livestock. The Wilkens offered large groups of bulls by very popular AI sires. This sale was very strong and stayed that way to the end. The food and hospitality offered by the Wilkens is second to none.

Top selling bull on the day was lot 8173, Wilken 8173, a 3/18 calving ease son of SAV Ten Speed 3022 with weaning ratio of 123, 205 day wt. of 760 pounds and 113 IMF ratio. Lutz Ranch, Inc., Faith SD was the buyer at $10,000.

Lot 8118, Wilken 8118, another 3/18 calving ease herd sire prospect sired by Basin Payweight 1682 with weaning ratio of 114, IMF ratio of 128 and dams MPPA of 103. Lutz Ranch was the buyer at $9,500.

Lot 863, Wilken 863, a 4/18 son of SAV Resource 1441, with weaning ratio of 103, IMF ratio 124 and 39.5 scrotal sold to James Berg, Volborg, MT for $9,000.

Lot 8300, Wilken 8300, a 4/18 son of SAV Resource 1441, with CED of 12, 42 scrotal sold to Jim and Sharon Wright, Parade, SD for $9,000.

Lot 867, Wilken 867, a 3/18 son of Connealy Comrade 1385, weaning ratio 112, CED 13 YW 127 sold to Jim and Sharon Wright, Parade, SD for $8,500.