Wilken Angus Turnout Bull Sale

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk

Date of Sale: April 22, 2023

Location: Faith Livestock Auction, Faith, SD

Auctioneer: Doug Dietterle

48 Two Year Old Angus Bulls – $7,298

Monday brought an excellent sale for Gary and Lori Wilken and family. They showed a great set of two year old bulls on a beautiful sunny spring day a week or so following a widespread rain. This made a great combination for an outstanding bull sale. The bulls in this sale had been specifically held back to sell as two year olds and were eagerly bid on by the large crowd of buyers in the seats. 

Top selling bull was lot 164, Wilken 164, Apr. 19, 2021 son of Basin Rainmaker 4404 x Raindance to Myles Fairbanks, Wood, SD for $11,500. 

Lot 151, Wilken 151, May 3, 2021 son of SAV Renown 3439 x Top Game to Linn Ranch, Dupree, SD for $9,000. 

Lot 1121, Wilken 1121, Apr. 9, 2021 son of Tehama Tahoe B767 x Hickock to Cammack Ranch, Union Center, SD for $9,000. 

Lot 1118, Wilken 1118, Apr. 8, 2021 son of Tehama Tahoe B767 x Hickock to Kirk Robinson, Ralph, SD for $9,000. 

Lot 1183, Wilken 1183, Apr. 7, 2021 son of SAV Rainfall 6846 x Ten Speed to Kirk Robinson, Ralph, SD for $9,000.

Sale host Gary Wilken at the Wilken Angus Turnout Bull Sale.

Floyd and Gary Cammack, Union Center, repeat Wilken Angus bull buyers.

Ronda and Rich Price, Newell, SD, Wilken Angus bull buyers.