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Jim and Theresa Hale, White Owl, South Dakota

Date: April 29, 2017

Location: Faith Livestock Commission Co.

Auctioneer: Doug Dietterle

Reported by: Dan Piroutek & Scott Dirk

Averags: 75 Yrlg. Angus Bulls – $5,136

Gary and Lori Wilken, along with their large family, hosted another big crowd on another beautiful spring day in Faith, South Dakota. Their ranch is north of Faith, near Meadow, South Dakota. This family has developed a tremendous trust with their customers, and this helps make this one of the strong sales in Western South Dakota.

This set of yearling bulls were all sons of AI sires, including AAR Ten X 7008, Basin Payweight 1682, Rito of Emblazon, Connealy Capitalist 028, Barstow Cash, Connealy Courage 25L, RB Tour of Duty, Rito 6EM3, and others. The sale included many large sire groups which made for many half and three-quarter brothers.

All the bulls are tested by Zoetis i50K genetic testing. The Wilkens also included their own docility scoring system, which proved that this was a very calm, tame set of bulls. Extremely gentle bulls received a score of 1.

The sale moved along quickly, with most of the bulls selling to repeat buyers.

Top selling bull of the day was Lot 640, selling for $10,000 to Mark Vanoverschelde, Letcher, South Dakota. This bull was sired by AAR Ten X 7008 SA, and out of a Final Answer daughter. Born at 76 pounds, he weaned at 679 pounds to ratio 118. He attained a yearling weight of 1314 pounds to ratio 112. He was a very soggy-made, thick bull with a lot of muscle. He had a 15.0 square inch rib eye.

Lot 625 sold for $9,500 to Mark Vanoverschelde. This son of AAR Ten X 7008 was out of a Final Answer daughter. Here was a big-time performance bull with an 84 pound birth weight, a weaning weight of 628 pounds to ratio 108, and a yearling weight of 1,338 pounds to ratio 114. With a 15.4 square inch rib eye, he had a 39.5 cm. scrotal measurement.

Eric Arneson from Meadow, South Dakota, chose Lot 6175 at $9,000. Sired by Basin Payweight 1682, he was out of a daughter of Mytty In Focus. Entering the world at 88 pounds, he weaned at 613 pounds, and posted a yearling weight of 1188 pounds to go with a docility score of 1.

With a final bid of $8,500, Ron Linn from Dupree, South Dakota, was the new owner for Lot 6149. This son of Basin Payweight 1682 was out of a Mytty In Focus daughter with an MPPA of 103. He hit the ground at 84 pounds, weaned at 609 pounds to ratio 109, and grew to a yearling weight of 1,179 pounds.

Jim Wright from Parade, South Dakota, bought Lot 626 at $8,000. He was by Ten X, and out of a Final Answer daughter. Born at 70 pounds, he posted a yearling weight of 1173 pounds. This recommended heifer bull had a 14.0 square inch rib eye, and an IMF ratio of 111.

Stan Schlosser from Timber Lake, South Dakota, bought Lot 6157 at $7,750. This very good looking bull was recommended for heifers, yet designed for performance. This son of Basin Payweight 1,682 had a 14.3 square inch rib eye and an IMF ratio of 128.

The Wilkens provided an excellent dinner for this big crowd, and cupcakes and ice cream were passed out at the end of the sale.