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Wittkopp Angus Sale

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: Feb. 13, 2020

Location: Glasgow Stockyards, Glasgow, Montana

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins


83 Bulls – $3,762

46 Open Commercial Heifers – $1,175

Curt and Sue Wittkopp, along with family, offered a deep set of high quality cattle to a packed house at the Glasgow Stockyards, 2/13/2020 for the 32nd Annual Wittkopp Angus Production Sale. An excellent meal was served prior to the sale, and colonel Joe Goggins orchestrated a quick paced auction. Both new and repeat buyers were found in the seats and bid on cattle backed with a guarantee. Congratulations on a great sale! Lot 65 at $7,500, WIP EPIC 9280, 3/28/19, 3F EPIC 4631 x WIP IDENTITY KINOCHTRY 4029, sold to Robert Hogan, Brockway, Montana

Lot 11 at $7,000, WIP BANKROLL 9045, 3/11/19, BARSTOW BANKROLL B73 x WIP COMRADE GIRL 7029, sold to Lawson McGill, Powderville, Montana

Lot 49 at $6,500, WIP FULL MEASURE 9204, 3/26/19, KB-FULL MEASURE C40 x WIP COMRADE BLOOM 5005, sold to Callahan Belling, Richland, Montana

Lot 5 at $6,000, WIP BANKROLL 9021, 3/8/19, BARSTOW BANKROLL B73 x WIP UPROAR POWER 7161, sold to Big Dry Angus, Jordan, Montana

Lot 51 at $5,750, WIP FULL MEASURE 9210, 3/26/19, KB-FULL MEASURE C40 x WIP INFOCUS ELBAMERE 2022, sold to Hanz Haynie, Cicle, Montana.