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Wulf Cattle sale

Date of Sale: April 6, 2018

Location: at the Farm, Morris, Minnesota

Auctioneers: CK Sonny Booth and Ronn Cunningham

TSLN Rep: Chris Effling


383 Total Bulls – $5,653

37 Heifers – $2,766

Top Selling Bulls:

Lot 3 at $20,500, WULFS EASTERN 5002E, Dob 2-15-2017, Reg 2118104 Bieber Deep End 8597 x Wulfa C Minor 5002C, sold to Tubmill Creek Farms, Florence, Pennsylvania.

Lot 4 at $17,000, WULFS EDGE 5045E, Dob 2-22-2017, Reg 2118790, Bieber Deep end B597 x Wulfs Cailco 5045C,

sold to Trails End Limousin, Loyal, Wisconsin.

Lot 405 at $14,500, WULFS EXTRA F322E, Dob 3-2-2017, Reg 2130035, Runl Stetson 850S x DMWC Suzy Q 322A, sold to Ron Holly, Spring Grove, Minnesota.

Lot 381 at $14,000, WULFS Ezo F430E, Dob 3-19-2017, Reg 2130075, Runl Stetson 850S x DMWC Susie Q 4308 sold to Riverview Dairy, Morris, Minnesota.

Lot Loy 6 at $13,000, WULFS EVOLUTION K 686E, Dob 2-27-2017, Reg 2120944 Bieber Hard Drive Y120 x Wulfs Soloist 6284S, sold to Rock Hilly Smithville, Ohio.

Top Selling Heifers

Lot 413 at $6,500 WULFS ELMONICA 7276E, sold to Roll Limousin Bingham, Minnesota.

Lot 414 at $5,500 WULFS ERIS 7298E, sold to Schrock Cattle Company Greentop, Missouri.

Volume Buyers:

35 Bulls to Meyer Ranch, Flasher, North Dakota

33 Bulls to Stacy Davies, Kalama, Washington

12 Bulls Diamond V Ranch, Selfridge, North Dakota.

Cattle sold to 157 buyers from 29 US states and Canada.

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