Angus Partners Female Sale |

Angus Partners Female Sale

Roger and Brenda Gibbon of Milner, N.D., topped the bred market and went home with a new batch of open heifers.

Date: Jan. 17, 2015

Location: Kist Livestock Mandan, N.D.

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs

Reported by: Rowdy Benson


603 bred heifers – $2,792

726 open heifers – $1,878

It was a fine day at Kist Livestock in Mandan, N.D. for the Angus Partners Female Sale. Good weather and good cattle definitely played a role in such a full crowd ringside. This sale is a great opportunity for commercial cattlemen, who are using McCumber or Spickler Angus Ranch bulls, to consign top-quality stock to a top-dollar market. It is also a great opportunity for breeders to purchase females with genetics from these two Angus producers who’ve done an excellent job caring for the customer. Buyers from multiple states took advantage of buying large drafts of cattle with like genetics making this an attractive sale all producers. Here’s how the top end of both classes turn out:

Bred heifers

Topping the sale, Roger Gibbon and Tyler Speich of Milnor, N.D., sold a draft of 41 head to calve March 1 for 30 days for $3,400 as Lot 2, purchased from the Sparrow Ranch at this same sale a year ago and bred to sons of the Spickler sire S McCoy 124.

Also at $3,400, Roger Gibbon of Milnor, N.D., with Lot 4 sold 25 head due March 1 for 30 days also purchased at last year’s Angus Partners Female Sale. This fancy group of heifers are primarily sired by McCumber Angus Ranch’s Missing Link and exposed to Lincoln bulls from the Spickler Angus Ranch.

Open heifers

Lot 21, Haugen Cattle Company of Hannaford, N.D., sold 30 head of open heifers weighing 867 pounds for $2,250.

Lot 18, Thompson Angus of Kintyre, N.D., sold 65 head of open heifers weighing 763 pounds for $2,050.