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Raml Cattle 4th Annual Sale

Sale consultant, Very Frey; Auctioneer, Dustin Carter with Adam, Phil and Grant Raml at the 4th Annual Raml Cattle bull sale.

Date: Feb. 26, 2017

Location: Sale held at the ranch, Goodwin, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Dustin Carter

TSLN Rep.: Scott Dirk


34 Yearling Angus bulls – $4,700

12 Yearling SimAngus bulls – $4,033

3 Yearling Red Angus bulls – $3,500

Phil and Virginia Raml along with sons Adam and Grant and their families held the fourth Annual Raml Cattle bull sale at the ranch near Goodwin, S.D., on a nice sunny, but crisp Sunday afternoon. The weather was actually about perfect for the cattle, a bit cool, but not cold and warm enough to go through all the pens with out chilling down. And this was a sale you would want to go through every pen. The cattle were very impressive to appraise and evaluate. This is a smaller sale in volume, but not quality. With the smaller volume in numbers, the sires were also limited ensuring a very uniform set of bulls and allowing buyers to select several half brothers for a consistent calf crop.

Topping the sale was lot 8, Raml Discovery 6908, a Jan. 16, 2016 son of VAR Discovery 2240. Calving ease with performance, this bull had epds of CED 10 BW .3 WW 68 YW 120 Milk 29 $B 144.63. The bull weaned off at 818 pounds with a yearling wt. of 1472 pounds RMB Livestock, Florence, South Dakota was the winning bidder at $16,000.

Selling at $7,500 was lot 3, Raml Cash 636, a Jan. 16, 2016 son of Barstow Cash that had a 74 pounds birth weight, epds of CED 11 BW .2 WW 55 YW 100 Milk 20. RCA Valley Angus, Andover, South Dakota was the buyer.

Lot 29, Raml Sure Shot 6217, a Jan. 19, 2016 son of Mogck Sure Shot with 72 pounds birth weight, 827 pounds weaning wt. and 1400 pounds yearling wt. sold to Tom Arneson, Florence, South Dakota for $6750.

Lot 9, Raml Discovery 6014, another Jan. 2016 son of VAR Discovery sold to Brandt Farms, Clear Lake, South Dakota for $6500. This bull has epds of CED 8 BW .9 WW 62 YW 114 Milk 27 $B 136.26.

Lot 46, Raml Lock Down 6911 topped the SimAngus bulls at $6500. This Mar. 3, 2016 son of W/C Lock Down 206Z had epds of CED 14.5 BW -1.4 WW 60.1 YW 96.4 Milk 13.5 with a 76 pounds birth weight, 803 pounds weaning wt. and 1283 yearling wt. Beitelspacher Ranch, Bowdle, South Dakota was the buyer.

This was a great sale for the Raml family and one of those programs to watch in the future as they build their cow numbers, the quality and volume will only get better.