Lindskov-Thiel Ranch 36th Annual Bull Sale |

Lindskov-Thiel Ranch 36th Annual Bull Sale

Mike Mettler, and daughter, Macie, of Eureka, South Dakota, are long-time customers that buy hard off the top end of the sale offering each year.

Date: April 15, 2017

Location: at the ranch north of Isabel, SD

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar, Seth Weishaar

Reported by: Dan Piroutek

Averages: 144 Yrlg Reg. Charolais Bulls ave. $9,573

71 Yrlg Angus Bulls ave. $7,817

Lindskov-Thiel Ranch, owned by the partnership of Les Lindskov and Brent Thiel, hosted another huge crowd for their annual bull sale. This firm excels not only in the quality of the cattle, but especially in customer service. Many of the folks in this crowd were repeat buyers that were identified by first name from the auction block. That only comes from spending time with their customers, and letting them know how important their business and lives are to them.

Again, many new herd bulls went out the door, but the heart of the sale was the especially strong commercial trade in both the Angus and Charolais portions of the sale.

This was a very fast sale of outstanding bulls!

You should make the journey to this sale, if only for the food, drinks, and hospitality. You are made to feel welcome.

The top selling Charolais bull was Lot 86 at $100,000. LT Affinity 6221 Pld was sired by LT Rushmore 8060P, and out of LT Athena 1247 by Winn Mans Lanza 610S. Born at 88 pounds, he weaned at 817 pounds, and grew to a yearling weight of 1382 pounds. His EPDs were CE 12, BW -3.4, WW 29, YW 59, MILK 15, MTNL 30, SC 1.4, REA 0.50, and TSI 207.40. He sold to J&J Trust, Parkston, South Dakota, Domek Charolais, Wibaux, Montana, and Select Sires, Plain City, Ohio.

The top selling Angus bull was Lot 179 at $20,000. LT Forefront 6088 was sired by LT Forefront 3287, and out of LT Tori 4283 by LT Ridgeview 1258. With a 79 pound birth weight, he weaned at 804 pounds, and reached a yearling weight of 1462 pounds. His EPDs were CED 12, BW -0.4, WW 52, YW 94, CEM 12, MILK 29, MARB 0.30, RE 0.41, and FAT -0.012. He sold to Evenson Angus, Hettinger, North Dakota.

Two Isabel, South Dakota, ranchers were the day’s volume buyers: A.J. Lindskov with nine bulls and John Meginness with eight.

Other Charolais Bulls:

Lot 87 at $30,000 was LT Rushmore 6102 Pld, 2/29/2016, sired by LT Rushmore 8060 P out of LT Lace 4306 P by LT Ledger 0332P. He sold to Wickham Ranches, West Valley City, Utah.

Lot 51 at $29,000 was LT Pyramid 6164 Pld, 3/4/2016, sired by LT Sundance 2251 P out of HC Long Range 2167 by LT Long Distance 9001 P. He sold to Hubert Charolais Ranch, David Hubert, Oakley, Kansas.

Lot 97 at $26,000 was LT Maverick 6734 Pld, 3/2/2016, sired by LT Rio Bravo 3181 P out of LT Brenda’s Ease 3055 P by LT Unlimited Ease 9108. He sold to 8 Story Farms, Altamont, Missouri.

Lot 55 at $25,000 was LT Sundance 6216 Pld, 3/9/2016, sired by LT Sundance 2251 P out of LT 7N Sage 3310 P by LT Blue Grass 0330P. He sold to Wickham Ranches, West Valley City, Utah.

Lot 5 at $23,000 was LT Syndicate 6409 Pld, 4/5/2016, sired by LT Ledger 0332 P out of LT Airey Blend 9360 P by LT easy Blend 5125 P. He sold to Prairie Valley Farm, Inc., David Mason, Platte, South Dakota.

Lot 59 at $22,000 was LT Sundance 6389 Pld, 3/28/2016, sired by LT Sundance 2251 Pld out of LT 7N Sage 3310 P by LT Blue Grass 0330P. He sold to Sandmeier Charolais, Bowdle, South Dakota.

Other Angus Bulls:

Lot 221 at $17,000 was LT Resource 6170, 3/5/2016, sired by S A V Resource 1441 out of LT Forever Lady 8281 by BOYD Next Day 6010. He sold to Arntzen Angus, Hilger, Montana.

Lot 214 at $16,750 was LT Heartland 6130, 3/2/2016, sired by LT Regions 4110 out of LT Ethelda 8260 by S A V Initiative 4406. He sold to Steve Roseland, Seneca, South Dakota.

Lot 220 at $16,000 was LT Franchise 6041, 2/22/2016, sired by S A V Resource 1441 out of LT Blackcap Lady 9152 by TC Aberdeen 759. He sold to Jace Birkland, Dupree, South Dakota.

Lot 162 at $13,000 was LT Advanced 6157, 3/4/2016, sired by Koupals Advance out of LT Princess 3097 by Connealy Earnan 076E. He sold to Maher Angus Ranch, Morristown, South Dakota.

Lot 224 at $13,000 was LT Front Runner 6000, 2/15/2016, sired by Sitz Top Seed 539X out of LT Black Gold 4120 by S A V Resource 1441. He sold to Bill King Ranch, Moriarty, New Mexico. F

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