Beckton Red Angus 70th Anniversary Production Sale |

Beckton Red Angus 70th Anniversary Production Sale

Date: April 14, 2015

Location: at the ranch Sheridan, Wyoming

Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs

TSLN Rep: Rowdy Benson


247 yearling Red Angus bulls – $8,445

34 yearling Red Angus heifers – $4,309

First and foremost I cannot express how beautiful the weather was this year at the Beckton Red Angus Production Sale. A whopping 70 years there, at the ranch, near Sheridan, Wyoming, and I think all ranchers could tip their hats to the Forbes family legacy. Not only was it a perfect day to look good wearing a straw hat but also a good day to buy the best of the best in Red Angus cattle. I really liked these bulls for their performance enhancing genetics and physical condition; they were ready to go out and cover some cows. Another thing we can all appreciate is the soundness of structure, especially in their feet. The females were in prime condition as George Sandberg of Roseburg, Oregon, took home the top heifer, Lot 327 a Beckton Ranger Z225 daughter, for $7,000. Here is the cream off the top of the bulls:

Lot 14, Beckton Accent B468 N3, topped the sale at $29,000 going to Grass Range, Montana, with Westphal Red Angus. This Beckton Accent Y260 L3 son was born March 27, 2014, weighing 77 pounds and posted a yearling weight of 1187 pounds. His EPDs include BW -2.5, WW 71, YW 110, and Milk 21.

Winning the bid at $18,000 on Lot 2, Beckton Julian B520 N4, was Raymond and Barbara Pritchard of Mountain View, OK. This Beckton Julian GG B571 son was a calving ease bull with EPDs of BW -3.7, WW 51, YW 80, and Milk 19. He was born March 29, 2014, weighing 78 pounds and tipped the scale at 1,106 pounds as a yearling.

Lot 12, Beckton Heritage B584 R4, sold for $18,000 to Pokorny-Hall of Bartlett, Nebraska. A good Beckton Heritage X403 L3 son with EPDs of BW -1.9, WW 65, YW 97, and Milk 17. He was born April 3, 2014 at 84 pounds and was 1,154 pounds at a year.

Lot 30, Beckton Epic B681 E6, sold to Lynn Cowden of Kaycee, Wyoming, for $17,000. Sired by Beckton Epic U749 D5, this bull was born April 10, 2014 at 81 pounds and smashed the scale as a yearling at 1,230 pounds. His EPDs include BW -2.2, WW 60, YW 106, and Milk 29.

Lot 6, Beckton New Era B219 D2, crossed the finish line at $16,000 with Fisher Ranch from Ridgeway, Colorado. This Beckton New Era Y194 son is a sleep all night calving ease with EPDs of BW -5.0, WW 57, YW 98, and Milk 25. Born weighing 71 pounds on March 15, 2014 he grew up to 1,139 pounds at a year.

Also selling for $16,000 is lot 21, Beckton Heritage B233 L4, heading way up north to Napoleon, ND with James Kuhn. This Beckton Heritage X403 L3 son weighed only 58 pounds at birth on March 16, 2014 and jumped way up to 1,210 pounds at a year. His EPDs include BW -6.9, WW 49, YW 82, and Milk 28.

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