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Bush Angus 41st Annual “Focus On Performance Sale”

Date: Feb. 28, 2015

Location: at the place, Britton, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Chisum Peterson

Reported by: Chris Effling


1 older bull: $15,500

62 Ylg bulls: $8,883

28 Open heifers: $3,542

3 Bred cows: $4,416

8 Bred cows: $3,918

The top selling bull was lot 32. This Basin Excitement son out of a WMR Timeless daughter sold to Krebs Ranch, Gordon, Nebraska, for $52,500 for two-thirds interest.

His EPDs shook out like this: BW 2.1, WW 85, YW 138, Milk 32. This Denver pen bull’s weaning and yearling weight EPDs put him in the top one percent of the breed. His actual BW was 76 pounds and he weaned off at 917 pounds to ratio 132. This bull is an outcross to many of today’s popular pedigrees within the breed.

Lot 63, $43,000 to – Peak Dot Ranch Ltd, Wood Mountain SK, Canada.

The EPDs on this Koupals B&B Identity son out of a Bushs Trooper daughter look like this: BW 3.6, WW 75, YW, 135, Milk 33.

This big stout ET boy was out of a show heifer. Another Denver pen bull, this guy boasted a 903 pound 205 day weight with an 80 pound birthweight and a 132 $B.

Lot 53, $27,000 to Jac’s Ranch, Bentonville, Arkansas.

This Bush’s Triple Threat 851 son out of a Soo Line Kodiak 8073 daughter had these EPDs: .6 BW, 70 WW, 114 YW, 25 milk

His actual numbers came in at: BW 81 pounds, 787 WW to ratio 107.

He was in the top one percent for weaning and yearling weight for the Angus breed.

Lot 28, $23,000 to RK Angus, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

This guy was out of Koupals B&B Identity and a Lemmon Newsline daughter. Another Denver pen bull, his EPDs were for growth and milk – with a 2.5 BW, 68 WW, 121 YW, and astounding 40 milk. He turned in an 845 pound weaning weight to ratio 115.

Lot 4, $22,500 to Lars Lyngaas Britton, South Dakota, two-thirds interest.

Another Denver Pen Bull, this Vin-Mar O’Reilly Factor son out of a Jsar Mr. Hot Rod daughter posted these EPDs: BW .2, WW 59, YW 105 milk 24. His actual numbers looked this way: BW 86, 205 day weight 794 to ratio 108.

Top open heifer

Lot 67, $7,000, Werning Cattle Company, Emery, South Dakota.

The Vin-Mar O-Reilly daughter out of a MF Destroyer daughter showed EPDs like this: BW 1.5, WW 60, YW 109, milk 24.

Top bred heifer

Lot 97, $5,250 to Tate Glaus, Chamberlain, South Dakota.

The Bush’s Trooper 402 daughter out of a HARB Cincha daughter posted a $B EPD of 69.39 and $F of 44.93.

The Bush family runs a great breeding program. Their genetics work for a number of other purebred breeders as well as commercial outfits. You will find outstanding hospitality at this sale, complemented with a good crowd of buyers including many repeat buyers! The top end was as active as it has ever been but we also sold bulls in everybody’s price range.