Cross Diamond Cattle Company Sale |

Cross Diamond Cattle Company Sale

Date: Dec. 8, 2014

Location: at the ranch near Bertrand, Nebraska

Auctioneer: Jim Birdwell

Reported by: Scott Dirk


220 Red Angus bulls – $9,360

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362 commercial bred females – $3,344

20 open commercial heifer calves – $2,200

2 ranch broke horses – $4,850

Bright sunshine and temperatures in the 50s set the tone for a hot sale at Cross Diamond Cattle Company on Dec. 8. Scott and Kim Ford, along with their consignors, showed a buying crowd great hospitality and volume selections of outstanding Red Angus genetics.

The high selling bull, Lot 35, Crs Diamnd Synergy 3021, sired by Brown Synergy X7838 from a Hustler R588 X Rambo female sold to Gilroy Land and Cattle, Dalton, Nebraska for $26,000.

Lot 1, Crs Diamnd Synergy 394, another Synergy son, from a Panhandle Sandman 4255 dam sold to Right On Cattle Company, Bertrand, Nebraska for $25,000.

Lot 90, Crs Diamnd Granite 3269, a son of 5L Hard Rock 2188-09X and a BHR Copper D 773 daughter, sold to Gilroy Land and Cattle, Dalton, Nebraska for $22,000.

Lot 19, Crs Diamnd Granite 3273, a son of 5L Hard Rock 2188-09X and a Beckton Epic R522K daughter sold to Right On Cattle, Bertrand, Nebraska for $20,000.

Lot 3, Crs Diamnd Tradition 3272, a 5L Tradition 795-6707 son from a Beckton Epic R522 K daughter sold to Arrowsmith Red Angus, Bassett, Nebraska for $20,000.

Lots 91 and 92, Crs Diamnd Landslide 356 and Crs Diamnd Landslide 307, both Poke Nebr707 9116 1064 sons, by Medallion N328 and Tradition 795-6707 daughters, respectively, were purchased by Tyler Dahlgren, Bertrand, Nebraska for $20,000 each.

The high selling group of commercial bred heifers sold to Mark Bachman, Albia, Iowa. They were a group of 32 head of baldy and brockle heifers, selling for $3,650.

The 50 head of three-year-olds, coming with their second calf, consigned by Paxton Ranch, Stapleton, Nebraska, sold to the Cherokee Ranch and Castle Foundation, Sedalia, Colo. for $3,610.

Volume buyers were Flying U Cattle, Ogallala, Nebraska with 120 head of commercial heifers and Mark Bachman, Albia , Iowa with 52 head of commercial heifers.

Volume bull buyers were LeBlanc Cattle Company, East Bernard, Texas, with 11 bulls; Glenn Cattle Company, Fort Morgan, Colo. with 10 head of bulls; Rapid Creek Ranch, Belvidere, South Dakota, with nine head of bulls; and Paxton Ranch, Stapleton, Nebraska with six head of bulls.