Doll Ranch Charlois and Simmental 38th Annual Production Sale |

Doll Ranch Charlois and Simmental 38th Annual Production Sale

Charles Doll spokesman for Doll Ranch and Auctioneer, Lynn Weishaar.

Date of Sale: March 9, 2018

Location: Kist Livestock Mandan, ND

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar

TSLN Rep: Scott Dirk, Matt Wznick


93 Charolais bulls – $4,548

60 Simmental bulls – $5,021


Lot 97 at $22,500, DCR MR SILVER GUN E516, DOB 4-4-17, REG# M900058, WCF MR SILVER GUN 467 x DCR MS 535X BANDITO A144, sold to Wrangler Charolais, Regina, Saskatchewan.

Lot 65 at $10,000, DCR MR RED OUTLAW E309, DOB 3-10-17, REG# QM201440, PRO-CHAR OUTLAW 13C x DCR MS SHE’SGREATSOLUTION B 319, sold to C-B Charolais Montpelier, North Dakota

Lot 6 at $9,500, DCR MR SIR DUKE E27, DOB 2-8-17, REG# M899990, WCR SIR DUKE 8141 P x DCR MS SUBSTANCE C179, sold to Kurt Neff, Blackfoot, Idaho.

Lot 4 at $9,000, DCR MR RED SOLUTION E23, DOB 2-8-17, REG# QM201434, DCR MR RED SOLUTION A35 x DCR MS RED PROSPER C120, sold to Jim Houck, Akaska, South Dakota.


Lot 154 at $16,500, DCR MR EXPLORER E341, DOB 3-14-17, REG# 3321083, CCR WIDE RANGE 9005A x DCR MS BL CAESAR W204, sold to Canadian breeder.

Lot 130 at $15,000, DCR MR EIGHT BALL E18, DOB 2-7-17, REG# 3320919, ES RIDGERIDER YW3 x DCR MS TOP GRADE C238, sold to Kline Simmental, Hurdsfield, North Dakota.

Lot 103 at $10,000, DCR MR EXTREMELY WIDE E68, DOB 2-15-17, REG# 3321012, ASM WIDELOAD 303B x DCR MS R/SABRE A355, sold to Kline Simmental, Hurdsfield, North Dakota.

Lot 114 at $9,500, DCR MR EYE OPENER E168, DOB 2-27-17, REG# 3320929, KUNTZ SHERIFF 8A x DCR MS GAME FACE C176, sold to Addison Hoffman, Medina, North Dakota.

High Selling Open Heifers


Lot 168 at $2,600, DCR MS 8141 DUKE E47, DOB 2-13-17, REG# F1249487, sold to C-B Charolais, Montpelier, North Dakota


Lot 174 at $6,250, DCR MS RED ZONE E203, DOB 3-1-17, REG# 3320917, sold to Kunkel Simmental, New Salem, North Dakota

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