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Edgar Brothers 42nd Annual Sale

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Jan. 27, 2020

Location: at the Ranch, Rockham, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Seth Weishaar

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143 Angus Bulls – $4,417

Edgar brothers and family sold 143 Angus bulls to a full house of buyers.

Lot 7 at $22,000, EB Teddy 109 N191 Dob 1-10-2019 Reg 19534194 EB teddy x MW MS Power 401 7301×504

sold to Mangen Angus Ranch, Broadus, Montana.

Lot 119 at $17,000 EB Ten Bears T658 Dob 1-7-2019 Reg 19479292 EB Ten X 3175 x MB Barbara T658

sold to Mangen Angus Ranch.

Lot 8 at $10,000 EB Teddy 49 of MW Dob 1-22-2019 Reg 19534196 EB Teddy x MW Bessie 328

sold to Dalton Baloun, Seneca, South Dakota

Lot 9 at $10,000 EB Teddy T6142 Dob 2-12-2019 Reg 19479284 EB Teddy x EB queedy T6142

sold to Baxter Angus, Rockham, South Dakota

Lot 129 at $9500 EB Dakota 531 329 of MW Dob 1-15-2019 Reg 19534193 MW Montana 531 ND x 040 x MW Bessie 417

sold to Dalton Baloun.

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