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Feddes Red Angus & C-T Red Angus

Customers looking over the “Red Angus Bulls of the Big Sky”

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: March 23, 2020

Location: At the Ranch near Manhattan, Montana

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

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125 Bulls – $4,638

Feddes Red Angus & C-T Red Angus held their Annual Production Sale at the Ranch near Manhattan, Montana, on a beautiful spring day, March 23, 2020. Chuck Feddes & Craig DeBoer along with family members have created a strong loyal following of customers by offering consistent cattle that are bred to run and perform for their customers in every condition. A nice meal was served prior to the sale and buyers were given plenty of time to inspect the cattle. Congratulations on a great sale!

Lot 4 at $16,000, C-T SENSI-BULL 9089, DOB 2/9/19, RREDS SENECA 731C x C-T BLOCKANA 1131, Sold to Carl Leutenschlager, Endicott, Washington

Lot 2 at $15,000, FEDDES TREADSTONE 704-9352, DOB 1/16/19, 5L BOURNE 117-48A x FEDS BLOCKANA C34 704, Sold to Leland Red Angus, Sidney, Montana

Lot 3 at $14,000, FEDDES EIGHT BALL D42-9231, DOB 1/26/19, FEDDES BRUNSWICK D202 x FEDDES BLOCKANA 9130-D42, Sold to Shieldknight Land & Cattle

Lot 22 at $14,000, FEDDES CCC DEFINITIVE 9416, DOB 2/15/19, 5L DEFENDER 560-30Z x CLARK MATTIE 1201-1401, Sold to ABS Global, DeForest, Wisconsin

Lot 23 at $9750, C-T MAGGIO 9026, DOB 1/27/19, FEDDES MAGGIO 806-E303 x C-T LINSEY 7122, Sold to Todd Smith, Livingston, Montana

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