Fortune’s U Lazy U Angus Ranch Bull Sale |

Fortune’s U Lazy U Angus Ranch Bull Sale

Steve McDaniel, Midland, SD Fortune U Lazy U bull buyer.

Date: Apr. 28, 2017

Location: Ft. Pierre Livestock, Ft. Pierre, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Bryan Hanson

TSLN Rep.: Scott Dirk

40 2-year old Angus bulls avg. $3,096

Bob and Ruth Fortune and Chuck and Evie Fortune held their annual production sale at Ft. Pierre Livestock, Ft. Pierre, South Dakota. Fortune U Lazy U Ranch had been selling bull private treaty at the ranch near Belvidere, South Dakota since 1990 and this year decided to host their first annual bull sale.

Bob calves out in the pasture in May and June and holds the bull over to sell as two year olds. These bulls were not pushed in the feed yard, they were developed in their everyday working clothes and will go out and work in the pasture. The U Lazy U goal is to produce problem free profitable cows that will raise calves that don’t need extra papering and will bring in a big healthy calf at weaning time.

These bulls were not registered but had all been genetically tested thru the Igenity DNA portfolio and most had a profile score better than the average for the entire Angus breed.

The top selling bull on the day was lot 541, a 2-year-old bull sired by Hoover Dam that had an actual weaning weight of 700 pounds, weaning ratio of 109 and yearling ratio of 108. Cal Stirling, Highmore, South Dakota was the buyer at $4,400.

Lot 548, another two year old Hoover Dam son that had an actual weaning weight of 742 pounds, weaning ratio of 117, yearling weight of 904 pounds, yearling ratio of 118 sold to Jim Taecker Ranch, South Shore, South Dakota for $4,250.

Selling at $4,200 was lot 550, also a two-year-old son of Hoover Dam that weaned off at 744, weaning ratio of 116, yearling wt. of 894 pounds, yearling ratio 115 sold to Mark Buckholz, Philip, South Dakota.

Frank Bringman, Ridgeview, South Dakota also got a Hoover Dam son in lot 543. This bull had a very moderate birth weight of 65 pounds, weaning weight of 720 to ratio at 113 with a yearling weight of 870 pounds and yearling ratio of 111. The final bid was $4,100.

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