Frey Angus Ranch 45th Annual Production Sale |

Frey Angus Ranch 45th Annual Production Sale

TSLN Rep: Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: Feb. 2, 2020

Location: at the ranch, Granville, North Dakota

Auctioneer: Joe Goggins

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102 Yearling Bulls – $4,811

10 Two-Year Old Bulls – $3,000

112 Total Bulls – $4,650

Lot 24 – $27,500 to Semex of Guelph, ON, CAN. FAR Bullseye 9912. Mogck Bullseye x SITZ Upward 307R. Born 1/27/2019.

Lot 1 – $21,000 to Jallo Angus Ranch of Fordville, ND. FAR Presence 9931. Freys Presence x FAR Bullseye 85B. Born 1/20/2019.

Lot 8 – $20,000 to Cathleen Creamer of Montrose, CO. FAR Outfit 353G. KR Outfit x Freys Money. Born 1/31/2019.

Lot 25 – $20,000 to Patrick Goheen of Madison, WI. FAR Fortune 201G. Connealy Fortune 752L x Young Dale Excaliber 32X. Born 1/26/2019.

Lot 26 – $16,000 to Danny Harding of Tolna, ND. FAR Appearance 66G. Freys Appearance x Sitz Upward 307R. Born 2/2/2019.


Frey Angus had a great day for the 45th Annual Production Sale.

They offered for sale a great set of Angus Bulls. Many new and repeat buyers on the seats.

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