Gumbo Hill Ranch 14th Annual Production Sale |

Gumbo Hill Ranch 14th Annual Production Sale

Date of Sale: March 14, 2018

Location: Lemmon Livestock Auction Lemmon, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Rowdy Benson

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick


36 bulls – $3,578

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March 14, 2018 a bright, sunny, warm day found a great set of bulls featuring length, depth, and power offered for sale to the buyers in the seats of Lemmon Livestock Auction Lemmon, South Dakota. Congrats on a successful sale!

Lot 203 at $7,250, Gumbo Hill 203, DOB 3-18-17, 88% AN 12% GV, SAV RESOURCE 1441 x GH Wagonmaster Predominant, sold to Shawn and Jayne Hinsz, McLaughlin, South Dakota.

Lot 5052 at $7,250, Gumbo Hill 5052, DOB 3-6-17, Angus, Mohnen Impressive 1093 x GH Comrade Networth 5052G, sold to Roger Dix Keldron, South Dakota.

Lot 904 at $5,250, Gumbo Hill 904, DOB 3-19-17, Angus, SAV Resource 1441 x GH Analyst 904 W, sold to Bob Mollman, Watuaga, South Dakota.

Lot 5071 at $5,250, Gumbo Hill 5071, DOB 3-9-17, Angus, EF Commando 1366 x GH Industrial 5071G, sold to Tracy Wolff, Meadow, South Dakota.

Lot 1319 at $5,250, Gumbo Hill 1319, DOB 3-26-17, Angus, GH 905 Networth x Mohnen Jilt 2873, sold to Dale Kvale, Lemmon, South Dakota.