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Hoffman Ranch Hereford and Angus Female Production Sale

The cattle were in small pastures near the headquarters with golf carts available for pasture tours at the buyers' leisure.

Date: Sept. 24, 2018

Location: Sale held at the Ranch, Thedford, NE

Auctioneer: Rick Machado

TSLN Rep.: Scott Dirk

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19 Donor Hereford cows – $24,711

46 Hereford heifer calves – $2,277

45 Hereford bred cows. – $3,278

69 Bred heifers – $4,000

2 Steer calves – $2,500

390 Hereford semen units – $228

58 Hereford embryos – $1,709

66 “Bell Ringer bull” semen pkgs – $2,500

10 Angus heifer calves – $19,100

69 Angus bred heifers – $3,080

7 Angus embryos – $11,500

20 Angus semen units – $550

Top Sellers


Donor Cow, RST GAT NST Y79D Lady 54B ET, 5/4/14 by WORR Owen Tankeray Y79D ET; to Lanas Smith, Boulder, Colorado, 1/2 interest, $95,000.

H BL Miss Spice 804 ET, 2/10/18 by H FHF Advance 628 ET; to HME Herefords, Winterville, Georgia, $65,000.

Lot 32, LAR Annsley 843F ET, 4/2/18 by UPS Sensation 2296 ET; to Emma Vickland, Longmont, Colorado, $65,000

H JT Miranda 2033, 2/14/12 by AH JDH Cracker Jack 26U ET; to Paul Gross, Iowa, $50,000

H Ms 5139 Advance 4006 ET, 1/11/14 by NWJ 98S R117 Ribeye 88X, ET bred to lLR H 601 ET; to Whispering Pines Farm LLC, Kimball, Minnesota, $47,000

H Lady 8402 ET, 2/10/18 by NJW 135U 10Y Hometown 27A; to Rafter L LLC, Abilene, Texas, $40,000.

H FHF 322 Rita 12F ET, 2/5/18 by CRR 109 Catapult 322; to Roy Allen, Hopkins, Tennessee, $34,000.


Hoffman HCC Keymara Katy 18F, 1/28/18 by Musgrave Sky High 1535; to Emma Vickland, $38,500.

H Wallace Elsiemere 839, 2/16/18 by DDA Ignition 1417; to Riggin Stewart, Sterling, Texas, $30,500.

Casino Annie R100, 2/19/18 by WAR Broken Bow B344 T219; to Knox Bros., San Angelo, Texas, $21,000.

WB Lucy 802 of PVF SWSN, 1/6/18 by Dameron Best In Class; to Knox Bros., $20,000.

This was an excellent day for the Hoffman family. Quality cattle, top notch hospitality and beautiful fall day. Cattle sold in price ranges to fit any budget.

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