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JC Heiken Angus & Sons

Miles City Livestock, Miles City, Montana

Auctioneer: Rob Fraser

132 Yearling Angus Bulls $5,648.00

TSLN Rep: Sarah Swenson

One of the best kept secrets in the Angus business seems to be JC Heiken and Sons. Talk about bulls with muscle, depth, moderate frame, performance and maternal traits to boot. This program is based on a solid cow herd of daughters from breed leading AI sires bred for the western states environment. The Heikens have done an outstanding job of matching these females with complimenting sires to produce a uniform set of top quality bulls that will sire a set of calves any rancher will be proud to own.

Although it is only their eighth annual sale, the Heikens already have a great following. Many buyers have purchased bulls from JC Heiken and Sons for several year’s now and they must have told their friends as well because the stands were packed with new buyers too.

Joe and Jeralee Heiken, along with their three sons and their families – John and and his wife Kendra, and their children Emma and Jordan, Brian and his wife Janna, and their children Rylan, Keara, Nolan and Tille, and Ben and his wife Lynsey, all ranch together in Broadview, Montana. Each family owns their own cows and represents their own bulls, but they run them together as one herd. Watching them work together and represent each other’s cattle is further testament to the integrity and quality of this offering.

Heiken’s AI over 600 of their 700 females in the Spring. When making their breeding decisions, the Heiken’s work together and focus on lowering birth weight, adding more growth and maintaining fertility. This year’s offering included 44 bulls in the top 15% or better for their breed for CED, 79 in the top percentages for WW, 70 for YW, 43 for SC, 26 for BW and 21 for CW.

These calves were raised on hard, dryland pasture without creep feed and weaned in early October. The bulls were then fed a high roughage ration and developed in large pens to ensure good feet and soundness.

Topping the sale was lot 13, JCH J and K In Focus 4114, a son of Connealy In Focus 4925 out of a Sitz Top Seed 539X daughter selling to Cross W Livestock, Brett Lesh, Ekalaka, Montana, for $10, 500. This impressive, stout, smooth made, heifer bull posted a 205 wt of 805 with an actual birth weight of 76 pounds. His EPDs were CED +10, BW -.3, WW +75, YW +122, WR 114, and $B a remarkable $116.9. This calf ranked in the top 1% of the breed for WW, YW, SC, 5% for $B, and 10% for CED and BW.

Lot 3, Lot 6 and Lot 40 sold for $10,000 each. Lot 3 was the first bull in the sale to bring 5 digits. This Sitz Top Seed 539X-a son of Sitz Upward 307R, had an actual BW of 71 pounds and a 205 wt of 803, without creep feeding. This bull’s dam is a daughter of Sitz Rainmaker 9723 and has a WR of 3@108. This extremely deep sided, big middled bull posted impressive numbers of CED +14, BW -1.0, WW +62, YW +108, WR 113 and $B 90.57, ranking him in the top 2% of the breed for CED, top 5% for BW and the top 10% for WW and YW. This exciting Top Seed son will make his new home up the road at the Jim Ballard Ranch in Lavina, Montana.

Lot 6, a KG Contrast son X 21AR Coal Bank CO14 daughter also rang the bell at $10,000. JCH Contrast 4206, a low birth weight bull that is as thick as they come sold to Hougardy Ranch, Angela, Montana. With a birth weight of 82 pounds, this bull weaned off the cow in dryland conditions at 820 pounds. He posted EPDs of CED +8, BW +.3, WW +68, YW +121, and SC +1.73, which ranked him in the top %1 for YW, top 2% WW and top 5% SC.

Lot 40, another outstanding Sitz Top Seed 539X son out of a SAV Final Answer 0035 daughter, sold for $10,000 to Jason Bollinger of Jordan, Montana. This bull ranked in the top 4% for CED and WW and top 10% for BW and YW, posting EPDs of CED +12, BW -.8, WW +64, and YW +106, with an actual BW of 79 and a 205 WT of 759. This sure shot heifer bull was thick topped, deep bodied, long and certain caught your eye when you walked in the pen.

Rounding out the top sellers for the day was lot 29, yet another Sitz Top Seed 539X. Not only do the numbers align well with these Heiken cows, but phenotypically, this get of Top Seed calves expressed a ton of power with thickness from their top to their hind legs. JCH Top Seed 4025 is also out of a SAV Final Answer 0035 second calf heifer with a WR of 1@111 and posted a BW of 72 pounds and 205 WT of 787. This big spread, calving ease bull boasted EPDs of CED +9, BW +1.0, WW +72, YW +120, SC +1.50, ranking him in the top 1% for WW, YW, top 10% for SC, and top 15% for CED. He sold for $9,750 to J and K Livestock, Angela, Montana.

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