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Jindra Angus Annual Production Sale

Date: March 3, 2015

Location: Creighton, Nebraska

Auctioneer: Matt Lowery

Reported by: Chris Effling


115 Registered bulls: $7,552

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42 Open heifers: $3,138

Top bull

Lot 71, $74,000 to Felton Angus Ranch Miles City, Montana. This son of Connealy Guinness out of a Jindra Premium Cut daughter was a member of the Denver Pen of 3. His EPDs look like this: BW -.3, WW 78, YW 131, milk 27

Here are his actual numbers: 78 pound BW, 918 pound WW to ratio 122. He weighed 1,569 at a year to ratio 116 and had a 40 cm scrotal circumference.

Lot 32, $45,000 to Macholan Angus, Linwood, Nebraska. The Jindra 3rd Dimension son, out of a Connealy impression daughter displayed these EPDs: BW .6, WW 75, YW 138, Milk 27. He had a 76 pound BW, 852 pound weaning weight to ratio 114 and a 1,577 pound yearling weight 117. In addition, he had 40 cm scrotal and scanned a 7 on IMF with a 15 inch ribeye.

Lot 1 $20,000, Nichols Ranch Bartlett, Nebraska. This Jindra Double Vision son out of a Connealy Lead on daughter posted EPDs including: BW -.1, WW 65, YW 114, milk 22. With a 77 pound birthweigth, 812 pound weaning weight he ratioed 108, and with a 1,436 yearling weight he ratioed 106, and measured a 16 inch ribeye.

Lot 18, $17,000 to Evenson Angus, Hettinger, North Dakota.

Another Double vision son out of a Hoff Blockbuster SC daughter, this guy's impressive EPDs were: BW 2, WW 77, YW 133, Milk 30.

With an actual BW of 79 pounds and 901 pound weaning weight, he ratioed 120, with a 1,571 yearling weight he ratioed 117. His Dam has two nursing ratios at 113.

Lot 6, $14,000 to Scott Angus, Belgrade, Nebraska. Another Double Vison son out of a TC Freedom daughter, this calving ease candidate posted the following EPDs BW 1, WW 64, YW 116, Milk 22.

His actual numbers are: 80 pound birthweight, 767 weaning weight to ratio 102, 1,388 pounds yearling weight to ratio 103.

Top open heifer

Lot 142, $5750 to Varley Angus Menio, Iowa, The Double Vision daughter out of a Jindra How Bout It daughter posted a 71 WW and 122 YW EPD, along with a 28 milk.

The Jindra breeding stems back to the famous Hoff Angus program. These good people are involved in all facets of industry from feeding to raising bulls and placing bulls in bull studs. They are truly good operators who stand behind their product, as evidenced by the strong sale from start to finish.