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L83 Ranch / Lodoen Cattle Co. Bull sale

Sonny and Travis Burgard, Rugby, ND.

TSLN Reps: Chris Effling, Dennis Ginkens

Date of Sale: March 27, 2018

Location: Kist Livestock Mandan, ND

Auctioneer: Jare Shioman


31 Bulls – $4,015

39 pairs – $2,201

14 commercial open Heifers – $1,300

23 commercial Bred Heifers – $4,186

Sale Highlights

Lot 30 at $15,000, L83 ESKIMO JOE 57E, DOB 4-4-2017, Reg 3490433, Red T-K Redeam 18C x L83 Stacey 42B, sold to Matt Griffith Tuttle, Oklahoma.

Lot 6 at $7,700, L83 ENVISION 10E, DOB 2-13-2017, Reg 3791583, Red- TK Redeam 18C x L83 Renee 128B, sold to Wade Staigle Center, North Dakota.

Lot 23 at $5,750, L83 ENFORCER 46E, DOB 3-25-2017, Reg 3833797, L83 Cadillac 59C x L83 Bertha 077, sold to Cutting Edge Ranch, Steele, North Dakota.

Lot 29 at $5,000, L83 EDGE 55E, DOB 3-30-20147 Reg 3790343, Six Mile Varsity Blues 14Z x L83 Tink 118A, sold to Jake Gumke Ypsilanti, North Dakota.

Lot 32 at $5,000, L83 ENDURO 60E Dob 4-1-2017, Reg 3791513, Badlands Troubadour 47Y x L83 Scarlet O27, sold to Pat Sveningson Harvey, North Dakota.

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