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Lensegrav Ranch Hybrid Vigor Bull Sale

Allen and Patrick Mooney, Gillette, Wyoming

Date: Mar. 10, 2018

Location: Faith Livestock

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar

Reported by: Dan Piroutek and Scott Dirk

Averages: 109 yrlg Black Hybrid Bulls – $5,059

Dave Lensegrav is a true breeder of cattle. In saying this, he mates (no AI) his sires and dams to produce offspring that reproduce outstanding steers and replacement heifers for his customers. These cattle are thicker, deeper, and wider, than most I see.

Sale day brought a localized five-hour blizzard that cut the size of the crowd. However, the loyal, repeat buyers competed with each other, the telephone, and the internet to make this a very strong sale. I think many breeders should come and inspect next year’s sale to view these cattle and see what I mean.

Top Selling Bulls:

Lot 51: $12,000 to Irving Jordan, Faith, South Dakota – LEN 359A-H2 x LEN Legend 22-VRD-198U-Net Worth

Lot 74: $11,000 to T & L Ranch, Kyle, South Dakota – LEN 48C-6 x SAV Net Worth

Lot 1: $10,000 to T & L Ranch, Kyle, South Dakota – SAV Real McCoy 4822 x 111- Moore Bando

Lot 93: $10,000 to Shane Dolezal, Dunn Center, North Dakota – KR Cash C1 4600 x DCC Roych

Lot 55: $9750 to Cleve Schmidt, Dupree, South Dakota – LEN 359A-H2 x Sundberg Bismarck

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