Moore Angus 31st Annual Performance Sale |

Moore Angus 31st Annual Performance Sale

Date: March 17, 2015

Location: at the farm, Artesian, South Dakota

Auctioneer: Al Conover


These folks have been in the business a long time and produce gentle, growthy cattle. If this is how you measure success, they’v achieved it. Moore bulls can be found in a number of programs around the country and the quality this year ran as deep as any we found this spring. The big crowd of repeat buyers came to do business.

Top seller

Lot 438, $17,000 – Brookhouser’s T-Bone Angus, Brunswick, Nebraska.

This Koupals B&B Fort Knox son out of a Moore Mytty in Focus daughter posted these EPDs: BW .2, WW 73, YW 124, milk 28. His actual numbers looked like this: BW 74, 894 pound WW, 1,611 pound YW and a scrotal circumference of 43 cm.

Lot 439, $14,000 to Dikoff Ranch, Onaka, South Dakota. Another B&B son, out of a Sitz Upward daughter, this guy showed these EPDs: BW 1.1, WW 69, YW 121, Milk 27. His actual data was as follows: BW 75 pounds, WW 803 pounds, YW 1,517 pounds.

411, $13,500 to Grassel Brothers, Artesian, These repeat buyers always pick from the top end of the bulls.

EPDs BW 1.6, WW 58, YW 119, Milk 31. His actual numbers were these: BW 79 pounds, 205 day weight 807 pounds, YW 1,577 out of a first calf heifer.

Lot 410 $13,000 to Grassel Brothers

This Moore Gold 710 son out of a Moore 602-Mytty in Focus daughter was another calving ease prospect. His EPDs look this way: BW 1.6, WW 58, YW 119, Mil 31. His actual numbers are: BW 70 pounds, WW 804 pounds, YW 1,510 pounds.

Lot 413, $12,000 to Hoover Angus Ellston, Iowa. This Moore Gold 710 son out of Sitz Upward posted these curve-bending EPDs: BW 1.8, WW 64, YW 123, Milk 31 and these actuals: BW 84 pounds, WW 872 pounds, YW 1,613 pounds out of a first calf heifer. He ratioed 109 at weaning and 111 at a year.

Top selling fall bull

Lot 383 – $12,500 – Tyler and Gordon Moore, Artesian, South Dakota

This ET Connealy Cavalry son out of an HA Image Maker daughter boasted these EPDs: BW 1.3, WW 66, YW 109, Milk 26. He came with actual data: BW 72 pounds, WW 82 pounds, YW 1,601 pounds.

Production Sale Reports