Mt. Rushmore Angus Ranch 49th Annual Bull Sale |

Mt. Rushmore Angus Ranch 49th Annual Bull Sale

The bulls at Mr. Rushmore Angus were displayed in large pens allowing buyers plenty of space to sort thru them.

Date: Mar. 28, 2015

Location: the ranch southeast of Rapid City, S.D.

Auctioneer: Lynn Weishaar

Reported by: Scott Dirk

Average: 124 Yearling Angus bulls – $6,583

It was a beautiful spring day for the 49th Annual Mt. Rushmore Angus Ranch bull sale held at the ranch on Lower Spring Creek Road southeast of Rapid City. In a day and age when the average life span of a purebred breeder is less than 10 years, it’s a true testament to the cattle industry and dedication to producing superior seedstock, when you can attend a sale from a reputation ranching family that has been in business for as long as Mt. Rushmore Angus Ranch has. The Rypkama family at Mt. Rushmore Angus is in it for the long haul.

Ranch managers David and Justin Uhrig had the bulls in excellent sale condition. The bulls were displayed in large pens, allowing perspective buyers plenty of room to evaluate the bulls from all angles and see them travel. The top AI sires in the Angus breed were represented in large sire groups allowing buyers to select several half brothers.

Topping the sale was lot 1, MRA Summit 4030, a Jan. 2014 son of S Summit 965. This herd sire prospect knocked it out of the park for performance and calving ease numbers, plus had the eye appeal to go along with it. He had a BW ratio of 212, WW ratio of 121, YW ratio at 113, IMF ratio 107, ribeye ratio 109. Epds of CED 11 BW -.7 WW 66 YW 109 Milk 38. Jack Manning, Hemmingford, Nebraska, was the winning bidder at $14,500.

Selling at $13,500 was lot 24, MRA Resource 4162, a Jan. 2014 son of SAV Resource 1441 packed with performance with epds of CED -1 BW 2.5 WW 72 YW 124 Milk 30. The bull had a weaning ratio of 121, YR of 116 and ribeye ratio of 115 and sold to Kirk Semroska, Harrison, Nebraska.

Doug Nelson, Gordon, Nebraska, purchased lot 47, MRA Windy 4040, at $13,500. This Jan. 2014 son of Apex Windy 078 has epds of CED -1 BW 2.1 WW 65 YW 105 Milk 32. The bull has ratios of 110 for weaning, 107 at a y ear and 104 for ribeye.

Lot 32, UR Resource 406, a Jan. 2014 son of SAV Resource with epds of CED 0 BW 4.1 WW 70 WY 125 Milk 31 sold to Chuck Peterson, Wakonda, South Dakota, for $13,000.

Three bulls sold a $12,500 each.

Lot 35, MRA Regis 4050 is a Jan. 2014 son of Coleman Regis 904 with epds of CED 12 BW -.6 WW 60 YW 98 Milk 31 that sold to Orin Edwards, Gillette, Wyoming.

Lot 2, MRA Summit 4012, a Jan. 2014 son of S Summit 956 with epds of CED 10 BW -.1 WW 67 YW 120 Milk 32 sold to Raap/Trevillyan Ranches, Buffalo Gap, South Dakota.

Lot 25, MRA Resource 4165 a Jan. 2014 son of SAV Resource 1441 with epds of CED 5 BW 1.5 WW 62 YW 103 Milk 31 sold to Holecek Ranch, Bowman, North Dakota.

This is always a fun sale to attend and the hospitality is hard to beat. Eddie’s smoked brisket following the sale is always worth staying around for.

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