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Oakwater Ranch/Rocking Arrow Charolais 32nd Annual Bull Sale

Date: Apr. 14, 2015

Location: Valentine Livestock, Valentine, Nebraska

Auctioneer: Jim Birdwell

Reported by: Scott Dirk


85 Yearling Charolais bulls – $5,659

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Oakwater Ranch/Rocking Arrow held their 32nd Annual Bull Sale at Valentine Livestock, Valentine, Nebraska, on Apr. 14, 2015 with an excellent crowd of new and repeat buyers in the seats.

This was a very impressive set of Charolais bulls. They were thick and stout with lots of style, depth and soundness. They were above the Charolais breed average in all performance traits, yet below for birth weight. Oakwater/Rocking Arrow has been breeding bulls for balanced genetic traits that are functional and profitable for both the commercial man and the feeder, these bulls will fit that bill. Most of the bulls in the sale were sired by home raised Oakwater Ranch bulls.

The disposition of this set of bulls was outstanding, most of the bulls had to be almost hand pushed into and out of the sale ring. If you are looking for stout, thick Charolais bulls that have bred in calving ease and performance, this is the operation you need to pay attention to.

Topping the sale was lot 12, OW Maximizer S013-4253 Pld, a Mar. 2014 son of OW Maximizer S013. This bull had a 205 day wt. of 737 pounds to ratio at 112, 1,500 pounds yearling wt. to ratio 121 and epds of BW 0.5 WW 33 YW 58 Milk 9 MTL 26 with a 16.78 ribeye that ratioed 113. Honeyman Charolais, Reeder, N.D., was the winning bidder at $17,000.

Selling at $15,000 to Doll Ranch, New Salem, N.D., was lot 43, OW Dividend 4150 Pld, a Feb. 2014 son of OW Dividend X97 Pld. This bull has epds of BW -2.1 WW 32 YW 53 Milk 13 MTL 29 with a weaning ratio of 109 and yearling ratio of 110.

Adam Johnson, Cody, Nebraska purchased two Feb. 2014 OW Sandman W150 Pld sons at $11,000 each. Lot 51, OW Sandman 4137 Pld had a weaning ratio of 112, yearling ratio of 108 and epds of BW 1.4 WW 40 YW 64 Milk 10 MTL 31. Lot 58, OW Sandman 4236 posted epds of BW 0.8 WW 39 YW 60 Milk 5 TML 25. This bull also had a weaning ratio of 122, yearling ratio of 114 and ribeye ratio of 122.

Also selling at $11,000 was lot 50, OW Sandcreek 4053, a Jan. 2014 son of MC-OW Sandcreek 375 with epds of BW -3.6 WW 30 YW 43 Milk 7 TML 23. Kevin Kowalski, Norfolk, Nebraska was the buyer.

Three bulls sold at $10,500 each

Lot 6, OW Maximizer S013-4049 Pld, a Jan. 2014 OW Maximizer S013 son went to Bartak Land & Cattle, Merna, Nebraska

Lot 64, OW Zerox 4109 Pld, a Feb. 2014 son of OW Zerox Y33 also sold to Bartak Land & Cattle.

Lot 34, OW Keystone 4268 Pld, a Mar. 2014 son of OW Keystone 2057 Pld sold to Kenny DeGering, Lusk, Wyoming.