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Raml Cattle

Date: Feb. 22, 2015

Location: At the place, Goodwin, South Dakota

Reported by: Chris Effling

Auctioneer: Dustin Carter


49 Ylg Angus bulls – $6,286

4 Simmental yearling bulls – $5,062

4 2 year old Angus bulls – $5,068

7 2 year old Simm bulls – $4,428

1 Red Angus bull – $20,000

High sellers:

Lot 55, Red Angus, $20,000 to West Fork Ranch, Loop City, Nebraska. This Card Shark son out of a Hamley-sired dam posted the following data: BW 72, WW 710, YW 1,415. This was one big bodied, stout made, attractive individual.

Lot 20, $16,000 to JK Angus, Montrose, South Dakota and Dikoff Ranch, Onaka, South Dakota. The Sureshot son out of a SAV Providence dam showed up on the board like this: BW 74 pounds, WW 801 pounds, YW 1,473 with the following EPDs: BW .9, WW 68, YW 115, 32 milk.

Lot 24, $10,000 to Rob Krause, Brandt South Dakota. This Final Product son out of a K205 Daughter ended up with these EPDs: BW 2, WW 64, YW 114, milk 29 and was sure a long bodied, attractive bull.

Lot 30, $9,500 to Sam Eisland, Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This ET bullsired by Conneally Confidence and out of a New Frontier cow boasted this EPD profile with an impressive spread: BW .8, WW 49, YW, 90, milk 30.

Lot 26, $9,250 to John Anderson, Bryant, South Dakota. The Final Product son out of a Brand Name daughter also had a big spread from birth to yearling. His EPDs: -.2 BW, WW, 62, YW 107, milk: 27.

This great family shows great hospitality on sale day and every day. Previously private-treaty sellers, this was their second public sale. Phil and his boys Adam and Grant are involved in every facet of the purebred business and also know the feeding end of the cattle business.

The sale average increase $1,500 from a year ago.

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