Reppe Angus Ranch |

Reppe Angus Ranch

Date: March 15, 2015

Location: Community Center, Bradley, South Dakota

Reported by: Chris Effling

Average – $5,285

Top seller

Lot 21, $13,500 to Duane Gray, Ridgeview, South Dakota. This Monument son out of a Net Premium daughter boasted strong growth with these EPDs: BW 3.3 WW 70 YW 120 milk 29. His actuals were performance-oriented too: BW 92 pounds, 817 weaning to ratio 121, ADG of 4.69.

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This bull ended up in the top 1 percent for weaning and yearling weight EPDs.

Lot 47, $12,500 to Duane Gray. This Chisum son out of a Right Answer daughter stepped on the scale to present a 205 weight of 876 pounds to ratio 130.

Lot 44, $11,500 to Dan Heylens, Arlington, South Dakota. Another Chisum son out of a Gateway daughter, this guy had strong pounds-based EPDs too: BW 1, WW 72, YW 124 , $B 111. He ranked in top 1 percent for weaning and yearling EPDs and showed an 83 pound BW and an 805 weaning weight to ratio 119.

Lot 51, $10,000 to Duane Gray. Yet another Chisum son out of a Objective OT26 Dam, the EPDs on this guy were as follows: BW 2.7, WW 63, YW 106, Milk 22. He posted these actual figures: BW 89 pounds, 205 weight of 708 pounds to ratio 105.

24, $9,500 to Wyatt Mollman, Morristown, South Dakota

The Monument son out of a Magnum daughter showed an impressive 775 pound weaning weight with a 115 weaning ratio.

Top selling fall bull

Lot 93, $9,500 to Schiley Farms, Bristol, South Dakota. The Tombstone son out of a Sheer Force daughter showed an 85 pound birthweight and then an 836 weaning weight to ratio 128.

This hardworking family sees a lot of repeat customers. In addition to their growth, attractive bulls, they also carry out a popular heifer buy back program. The roast beef dinner was delicious and I'd go back any time for another plateful of their macaroni salad.