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Ridder Hereford Ranch Annual Bull & Heifer Sale

Buyers looking over the yearling bulls at Ridder Herefords.

Date: Feb. 5, 2015

Location: at the ranch, Callaway, Nebraska

Auctioneer: Jim Birdwell

Reported by: Scott Dirk


22 Yearling bulls – $8,840

59 2-Year-old bulls $7,585

42 Heifers – $2,790

Ridder Hereford Ranch, John and Mary Ridder and family hosted their annual production sale at the ranch on Feb. 5. There was an enthusiastic crowd on hand to fill the seats in the heated sale barn at the ranch. This area had received quite a bit of snow in the days leading up to the sale, but that didn’t slow down the bidding and buying on another excellent set of high quality Hereford bulls. As usual the highlight of the day was the Ridders’ 2015 Denver Carload of yearling bulls. These bulls won their division at the show in Denver and were very well received. Also selling was a powerful set of two year old bulls and fancy, herd building open heifers.

Some sale highlights include:

Yearling bulls

Topping the sale was Lot 8, R 0141 North Star D68B, selling for $17,000 to Brett Miller, Nebraska. Sired by CL 1 Domino 0141 1ET, 68B is an April calf from Ridders’ 2015 Denver National Western division winning Carload and is out of a dam by Ridders’ 12-trait leading Sire 157K.

Lot 1, R 105Y North Star 1B, sold for $15,000 to Jerry Knippling and Sons, South Dakota. This 72 pound birth weight calf was the lead off bull for the Ridders’ 2015 Denver Carload. 1B’s grandam is the mother of Stuber’s 43A bull who topped Ridders’ sale in 2014.

Two-year-old bulls

Three 2-year-olds sold for $15,000. Jerry Knippling & Sons selected Lot 24, R 0141 North Star 30A, an impressive high volume, thick, carcass sire.

Amos Viter, Nebraska, purchased Lot 54, R 0141 North Star 57A, a low birth weight bull out of a dam by the great Harland 0041 Sire.

Gib Bell, Wyoming, bought Lot 53, R 45Y North Star 61A. This bull hails from the great Striker-sired 45Y and a 955W-sired DOD Dam.


Topping the heifer sale was Lot 90, R Starlette 455, an 0141 daughter with a Dam out of 0041, and sold to Ron Streumpler, Nebraska for $4,000.

Lot 98, R Starlette 98, R Starlette 479, another stylish 0141 daughter sold to Hunter Stuart, Texas, for $3,700.