Sale Report: Powder River Angus Annual Bull Sale |

Sale Report: Powder River Angus Annual Bull Sale

EB Ranch Broadus, Montana looking over the bulls.

TSLN Rep: Matt Wznick

Date of Sale: Feb. 8, 2016

Location: Buffalo Livestock Auction, Buffalo, Wyoming

Auctioneer: Col. Mark McNamee


124 Yearling Angus Bulls – $4,511

Once again Powder River Angus offered a high quality set of yearling Angus bulls at their 25th annual bull sale February 8, 2019. Buyers were given a chance to select out of a quiet set of bulls from a program built around soundness, maternal traits, and longevity. Congratulations to the Sorenson family on a successful sale!

Lot #4 at $12,000, PRA Cash 8142, DOB 02/20/18, REG#19276862, Barstow Cash x PRA Ethelda Bandwagon 193, sold to Josh Moore from Douglas, Wyoming.

Lot #1 at $10,000, PRA Bushwacker 834, DOB 1/19/18, REG#19282647, B Bar Bushwacker 987 x PRA Identity 4097 6255, sold to Josh Moore.

Lot #99 at $10,000, PRA Aviator 8244, DOB 3/4/18, REG#19276962, Musgrave Aviator x PRA Alliance BW 5323, sold to EB Ranch from Broadus, Montana.

Lot #14 at $9,000, PRA Cash 8195, DOB 2/24/18, REG#19276877, Barstow Cash x PRA Erica Juneau 2115, sold to Amy Miller from Wheatland, Wyoming.

Lot #13 at $8,500, PRA Apollo 8191, DOB 2/23/18, REG# 19276875, Kramers Apollo 317 x PRA Erica CMW 135, sold to EB Ranch from Broadus, Montana.

Lot #17 at $8000, PRA Windy 8180, DOB 2/23/18, REG# 19282680, B Bar Windy 79 x PRA Frontrunner Windy 9290, sold to Burt Reno from Gillette, Wyoming.

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